Romantic Meme: It’s Now Or Never. Just Say It!

Imagine whispering “Worcestershire” into your girlfriend’s ear, and watching her eyes light up with delight (or perhaps confusion). Learning this word is the most romantic gesture any man can possibly do.

Just say it.

17 thoughts on “Romantic Meme: It’s Now Or Never. Just Say It!”

  1. Europeans on the weekend:
    A: “I’m bored!”
    B: “Let’s go to the beach and dicuss the British language.”
    A: “Romantic and interesting. I love you.”
    Americans on the weekend:
    A: “I’m f…ing bored, bro!”
    B: “Let’s go to the mall and kill people with our AR-15s.”
    A: “He he, cool. I love freedom.”

  2. Totally accurate

  3. Are you guys gloating you don’t have Hispanic gang members shooting malls in europe? You’re evil.

  4. Just FYI… for the Americans…

    It’s pronounced wustersheer.
    WUS as in “what a wus!”
    TER as in butTER
    SHEER as in the clothing.

  5. It’s pronounced “eewwwwwww!”

  6. She forms the “evil goose” with her hands. Run!

  7. I can’t unsee it now

  8. Pronounced “Whats-this-here-sauce”

  9. American gun law is evil. We are just perplex about the American people’s stupidity in that matter.

  10. So.. Americans are never going to turn in their guns. Never. They have seen first hand what happens when you give up your guns, (see Canada, Australia etc..). You can whine and scream and insult, but in the end there is just no way they are going to give up their ability to protect themselves and there families. It’s like throwing away your fire extinguishers because you have a Fire Department.

  11. False equivalence. Go back to /pol/ you moron.

  12. What’s /pol/?

  13. A felon can’t legally own a gun, if you’re referring to the event on Allen TX. Yet the felon had a gun. What else is a law supposed to do?

  14. You probably shouldn’t worry about American gun laws if you aren’t American…relax, have a Bud Lite and carry on.

  15. True, they rather shoot their childrens’ heads off than parting with the guns. Meanwhile people in Canada and Australia live happily without the need for a gun fetish. Because they are allowed to have guns. Like in most other countries. People just choose not to. Because their countries have infrastructure and social systems. Less crime, less guns. Only U.S. America has such a fetish for guns and therefore a lot of dead children..

  16. America is a dangerous place. With every illegal immigrant who is allowed in there are 5 gun sales. The Biden Administration has allowed over 2 million illegals into the country. Do the math. I bought gun manufacturing stocks during the Obama Administration and have never lost a penny. Up 86%. Americans don’t play. Their mind set has been shaped by being the military that protects the free world. So of course they are going to protect themselves and their families. It’s common sense.

  17. America is a dangerous place because it is full of guns.

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