One-Star Yelp Reviews of Majestic National Parks

Some people are impossible to please…

11 thoughts on “One-Star Yelp Reviews of Majestic National Parks”

  1. This makes me sad.

  2. Well, you know what they say…the masses are asses. Along with most self-centered, me-focused Americans.

  3. Amen to that. Met 6 or 7 Americans in my 25 years here, gotta say, not impressed with what that country is giving the world.

  4. I must admit I find this grumpy negativity highly amusing. Here are some of my own reviews.
    “This woman looks boring and is kind of fat” – Mona Lisa
    “To colorful and the fact that it is placed on the ceiling makes it hard to look at” – Sixtinian Chapel
    “Overrated. Just a heap of rocks and in very bad state. And it’s very hot and dusty there as well” – Pyramids of Giza

  5. 1. Who said these guys are Americans?
    2. America gave us EatLiver, Crispy Cream Donuts and movies with kick-ass special effects and awesome explosions. And Bob Dylan.
    3. What I really don’t like are these Maltese!!! Sitting there on there small island in the Mediterranean, felling all smug and….and…doing all these things Maltese do, whatever it is!!!

  6. do you by chance mean the SISTINE chapel?

  7. you forgot to mention that america gave us george bush, asama bin laden, al qeada, ISIS, the war in iraq, the war in syria, the BP oil spills and the kardashians!!! hang your head in shame america and give thanks to the native americans who were murdered for their land

  8. I had an experience like this in Croatia, visiting the plitvice lakes. At the entrance multipe tourincars were parked and if you arrived by car you had to pay a hefty fee for the parking lot. The you were required to buy tickets and queue with lots of people for a walk over a boardwalk along some waterfalls.
    It was probably a very spectacular site. But the fact that a boardwalk had been built and an endless queue of people were moving along it, thoroughly ruined the experience.

  9. I mean the “Sacellum Sixtinum” the “Chapel of Pope Sixtus IV”.
    Doesn’t BP means “British Petroleum” and is based in London?
    Since you are so much into spelling – I think it’s Usama or Osama bin Laden. Which was Saudi if I remember right.
    Since I am German I have plenty of things to hang my head about if I wanted to, but thanks for the suggestion!

  10. Those darn Americans…just as bad as everyone else…but in a fraction of the time!

  11. Yosemite is one of the most beautiful places in the world, pee somewhere else

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