These Bootleg Avengers Are So Horrible They Got Sold Out Immediately

With the recent release of Infinity War it seems that almost everyone has got Avengers fever. With so much business potential out there, Obvious Plant decided to make a move and create bootleg action figures. The action figures have become an instant hit, selling out instantly. Scroll down to check them out for yourself.

9 thoughts on “These Bootleg Avengers Are So Horrible They Got Sold Out Immediately”

  1. They identify themselves as avengers. It’s racist to not agree with that.

  2. Fake

  3. You will never be an Avenger.

  4. How dare you?

  5. Meh, it’s not funny when they mess up on purpose.

  6. Manufactured with lead enhanced plastic for your playtime fun.

  7. Of course it’s a fake. The “Obvious Plant” logo is a dead giveaway ain’t it. Whoever this Obvious Plant chap is, he needs new material.

  8. lol this is still going on months later XD

  9. Greg.

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