Biden And Obama Plotting Revenge Against Trump

39 thoughts on “Biden And Obama Plotting Revenge Against Trump”

  1. Yes, spiteful Democrats *are* that stupid.
    Thank God they’re gone January 20.
    God bless Donald J Trump!

  2. Invoking god in public discourse twice while calling others stupid speaks more about your own intelligence than that of those you purport to “know” so well.

  3. Cody, look to the Democrats and TELL ME you don’t see EVIL.
    Your sanctimony tells me *all* I need to know about YOUR allegiances.

  4. You’re adorable. Is it his megalomania, the rapiness, or the crooked business practices that have your sanctimony glad inflamed with passion?

  5. I won’t bless that orange devil.
    And I can’t remember asking you to speak in my name.
    I gave you free will but you keep screwing up.

  6. Stop whining, just simple jokes. You rePubes swear the be hardasses but deep inside you’re just whiny little bitches, can’t take a damn joke.

  7. You’re whining about what you consider to be other people whining? Whine-ception or is this a glitch in the Matrix?

  8. You Leftists are SO “articulate”…if you define
    “articulate” as INTELLECTUAL-YET-IDIOT.

  9. American lefties are hardcore right winged in europe. So, what abomination might american righties be?
    Kauf Buch, no wonder your brain begins to crumble when you read such weirdo’s articles.
    And what Buch should we Kauf? It’s german, isn’t it? Buy the book. Which one? Mein kampf?

  10. How bout when pervy old Joe creeped Senator Coons 13 year old daughter on live TV? So endearing.

  11. How about our Muslim Brotherhood leader Obama? Educate yourselves, America. This man has betrayed your interests. Stop believing CNN. It’s muslim owned. The facts are easily proven. Stop believing the lies and seek and demand truth, or you are lost.

  12. Where do you imagine they are going? Are all republicans as dumb as you?

  13. Anytime I hear someone tell me to educate myself then spread complete and utter bullshit, I know I am talking to Republicans.
    Obama is a Muslim? Hahaha, what a clueless little ******* you are. That is such absolute propaganda.
    And anyone evoking God to defend Trump, obviously hasn’t read the Bible. The guys violated almost every one of the 10 commandments. The Pope has said Trump doesn’t represent Christian values. And what did Jesus say about a rich man getting into Heaven? And, what did Jesus say about loving your neighbors?

  14. Yes, I did use the words ******* and bullshit, and yes I am a priest.
    Because maybe by using such language to attack your ridiculous comments, you will be able to grasp the severity of your comments.
    Tell me, if you can, what actions Trump has done that make you assume he represents Christian values?
    I can quote Bible passages all day that show his actions show otherwise.
    You should be ashamed of yourself for spreading such lies. You know, bearing false witness…

  15. Get to proving them. And, for funsies, cite your sources. FYI, Macedonian fake news sites and KKK rally pages don’t count.

  16. Yes, Kauf. We are Satan’s spawn and have marked you. We revel in our evil where we take care of the poor and indigent while republican christians gut medicare and medicade. We will have our revenge. Bwahhahahahah.

  17. APW50YOTJ <— My new hero.

  18. I believe that’s Fox News which is Muslim owned there Einstein…and Obama is no more Muslim than your are not that it would make any difference in the kind of man he is…a very decent, honest, intelligent and compassionate leader..unlike Herr Drumpf..

  19. Good post, just sad that ppl stand with a bigoted piece of shit

  20. How very nice to see a liberal joke about the election without wanting to incite violence. For eight years I tolerated Obama and I just went to work, keeping quiet and paying my taxes. Isn’t that the way a democracy is supposed to work?

  21. I live these two guys. They are too much together. They are really goods friends. Too bad they have to go and leave us with the dumb cheeto

  22. Actually, a Democracy is supposed to work by having the person with the most votes win.

  23. Yep, we are just so spiteful because these jokes are so much worse than those of Obama with a noose around his neck hanging from a burning tree or the Presidential families being portrayed as apes. Yep, also worse than all the claims that Michelle is a man and the President is gay. I am sure you found those funny and laughed at everyone of them. But hey, yes us democrats are the spiteful ones.

  24. Dear Machine; CNN is owned by Turner which in turn is owned by Time Warner. If you check the principals and the shareholders, you will find that your claim that it is “muslim owned” is false.

  25. No blessings for the devil named Trump.

  26. @Needs a Hero I am sure you love your priest…been with since you were a kid I am sure.

  27. Poor Kauf, hope you and your mama don’t need social security, food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid or healthcare insurance. But you SO DESERVE your Glorious Leader. ENJOY!

  28. May want to check your grammar before you try SCREECHING AT OTHER PEOPLE’s INTELLECTS, little man.

  29. OMFG. tRumpers get dumber by the freaking day.

  30. God bless people with a sense of humor!! Obviously, not YOU!!!

  31. I am happy to see that on eatliver, one of the world finest medias for intelectual polical discourse, people engage in learned political disscussions. Here is my thesis – pranks are an underused form of political struggle. Discuss!

  32. Actually Fox is also half Muslim owned. Remember to get sources for arguments and that FaceBook isn’t a source but lots of folks saying their opinions and opinions aren’t facts. Also my neighbors cousin is also not a viable source unless your neighbors cousin is the owner of CNN. Always go to the source for information as you will get better answers than the further you get from it no matter you leanings.

  33. Sir/Father. I wish I could buy you a beer/beverage of your choice. Pope Francis has even brought encouragement to non-Catholics in is focus on teachings over dogma and good works over talk. Would that more of us could see what you do and learn to love our neighbor and practice what we preach. May your love be filled with blessings.

  34. No one is spiteful, Kauf, we just know an idiot when we see one. We’re that smart.

  35. Show me the truth

  36. You know I do this with my daughter and my dog all the time. I say she wants your food and she yells at the dog. But we both know it is a joke and the dog did not say it. Don’t you guys get it is a joke and Obama and Biden did not write it or are you guys really that clueless.. oh wait you voted for Trump.. nuff said.

  37. We’ll all regret this fool (aka buffoon) getting elected. Within 2 years there’ll be the worse scandal in history. My guess would be treason. Oh yeah, bribery too.


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