Republicans On Climate Change


If we're sinking why are we hundreds of feet up in the air?


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  1. Then they will tell you ships have always been sinking through the ages. It’s natural.

    • Democrats and other Communists on “climate change”:
      1970s – we’re going to freeze in 20 years!
      1980s – we’re going to burn in 20 years!
      1990s – it’s global warming that’s gonna kill us!
      2000s – we’re going to burn in 20 years!
      2010s – it’s climate change, but we’re still all gonna die unless you give up all your freedoms to the all-knowing Communist world government geniuses!

  2. Wishing all a happy new year, except all the idiots who voted against me
    in the recent election. Also all the crooked vote counters, the bought judges.
    and all the slobs who ruined my life.
    As a great American once said, “ All this fake news is a plot against me”!!!

  3. The Sciense is settled: if we give all of our money to bureaucrats in a capitol far away the climate will finally stop changing after 4.5 billions years.

    • You demonstrated that you don’t understand anything. Sad. No wonder the U.S. is one of the greatest polluters among China and India. Uneducated, sometimes stupid, egoistic people with too much money oblivious how the world really works. Still believing in ghosts and magic. Americans are medieval people with nukes.

  4. David Attenborough January 1, 2023

    Triggered by the picture, the useful idiot lacks the cognitive capabilities to refute anthropomorphic climate change. He therefore resorts to posting an ad hominem attack on a Democrat politician, which is full of disinformation, and even mis-spells “science” in the process. A triumph of ignorance.

  5. Poignant Peter January 2, 2023

    Fake News. republicans would be hundreds of feet above the water.

  6. “By 2009 the North Pole will be completely ice free.”
    -Al Gore

    It’s been all lies since the 70s Ice Age propaganda. Just more fear from the globalist Left. You’ll own nothing and be happy right HaHa 😂. We Don’t Believe You Anymore. About Anything.

    • Hilarious!
      Did you know we’ve broke the record for “hottest year ever” 15 times since Gore’s movie came out?

      They told you it would be hotter, and it has been.

      You- “Yeah, but they didn’t get a number right!. Lets keep doing nothing and see if that works. “

    • Rightards are too dumb for that. One number wrong, all is invalid.

    • That’s why they love religion. A dogma never changes. Is always “sure” of itself. Science is always doubting and testing itself. Conservatives are just lazy cowards.

  7. The science is settled.

    But.. that’s not how science works.

  8. But… that really isn’t how science works. Science by its very nature is never settled. You know that right… right? OMG 😱 you don’t…

  9. Oh look! A moron who buys into the climate change lie. You’re special. Oops sorry!! Let me rephrase that. “Your” special.

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