Did You Know That You Can Rent a Llama For Your Wedding?


When planning a wedding, keep in mind that in this day and age no wedding is truly complete without a wedding llama.


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  1. My next wedding…I’m on it!

  2. Why stop at weddings…all special occasions need a llama.

  3. How llame

  4. Amateur Orthodontist April 10, 2018

    They make nice sweaters but I prefer an open bar.

  5. The Old Man on the Mountain Alamut April 10, 2018

    And here is the perfect music for the lama themed wedding:


  6. Many of the couples should get refunds. They paid for llamas and received alpacas.
    Llamas are large with banana-shaped ears, short fur on the head (ex. pic 4).
    Alpacas are smaller, ears straight and a little shorter, with more fur on the head (ex. pic 3).

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