How (Not To) Suck at Your Religion


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  1. The Oatmeal totally wimped out.

  2. …explain

  3. Wow, that was the preachiest thing I have read all day. The douche who writes for the oatmeal is telling others how to act while telling others not to tell others how to act. It’s the inception of douche-baggery.

  4. The most ignorant and insulting thing I’ve ever read here. This is supposed to be a humor site. I don’t expect to come here and see crap like this.

  5. Some people have way too much time on their hands….

  6. Totally agree on the part that children should not be brainwashed into a religion. It’s just a sick thing to do. Any deity who needs the help of man to brainwash their young into theism is not worthy of existence.

  7. I don’t feel the urge to through books at people or call names or judge others, but I do need to get back to work and get my c# code working.

  8. If you do not believe in AGW you are a denier, a kook and your mother wears un-recyclable combat boots.
    Believe or be mocked.

  9. Eleven panels belittling Christians; one panel belittling Jews and/or Buddhists; one panel belittling cults; one really weird panel trying to link your politics to religion. Very carefully not mentioning the religion that cannot be mentioned.

  10. The “wimping out” was for refusing to draw a picture of the Muslim’s prophet Mohammed (the panel where it says “there’s no drawing here”).

  11. I don’t have to keep it to myself if I don’t want to. You can tell me to F off if you don’t want to hear it. That’s freedom, and in the long history of human relations, it doesn’t get any better than this.

  12. All of this is lame…
    Religion is not about cults. Christianity is NOT about religion. Got it? Good.
    Need info? I got that too…
    I use a lot of stuff from liver, for my emails and FB. Some stuff gets stupid. This would be one of those…

  13. Today I learned that it’s wrong to tell people it’s wrong to murder people. I also learned that it’s okay to tell people how to live their lives, as long as you write a long, preachy, holier than thou webcomic.

  14. The Bible is a book of fairy tales and lies. That is all.

  15. I am actually working on a virus that attacks the religious center in the human brain and kills it host. Soon this earth will be a better place.

  16. You forgot to explain the “why”. It’s easy to judge things without an explanation. Very religious.

  17. The problem with atheism is, while it is inheretly correct, MOST people, let’s be honest, are rather dumb and lack the ability to actually argue about problems with any accuracy.
    Sadly the real world is so complex, that even the greatest scientists only scrape the surface of the knowledge, which makes religion appealing – it’s sumple, understood even by complete idiots or criminals etc. – while if you are an atheist, you better have some good explanation why the School of determinism is the best viewpoint, because the Alpha waves of quantum fields are permanent blah blah.
    Though I don’t believe in religion, I’ve grown to think, that perhaps religion, if used as a controlling tool for the general population, might not be the worst thing.
    After all, even the above mentioned obstacles to science (e.g. stem cell research) – religion creates obstacles to the general public – the same people who created the obstacle. Pretty sure that the elite can afford independant research or lobby public-funded research if those problems really concerned them.

  18. “There’s many a true word spoken in jest”
    Sums up this excellent cartoon.

  19. i presume the majority of comments didn’t get what the oatmeal wanted to say, which is pretty much summed up in the last panel – if you’re happy with your religion, good for you! but don’t rub it in everyone’s face, keep it to yourself and for chrissakes don’t kill anyone over it – is it a bad thing? where does it even mention atheism?

  20. Couldn’t have said it better

  21. looks like somebody’s got some issues.

  22. Are you trying not to say Muslims? Because it’s them, isn’t it? It’s the Muslims. Nothing wrong being a Muslim. A lot just seem to live at a point where most of Christianity was about 300-400 years ago. Why did I type Muslims and Christianity with a starting capital letter? Does a German sausage become a Polish one when it crosses the border? Mmmmm kielbasa.

  23. @Explanation: You seem to think that Islam is the “religion that cannot be mentioned”, ignoring the fact that the comic doesn’t really mention any specific religion, that Islam is just as diverse as Christianity, and that the one dogma that is really never mentioned EVER, and has done the most damage to America & the world is the RW Dominionist faux-Christianity that advocates extreme economic & social inequality, promotes international & domestic religious conflict, and – just incidentally – has been in control of the US government for over 30 years.

  24. Hit a nerve there?

  25. Hear hear! This is like those idiots who walk around yelling “BIBLE SAYS JUDGE NOT!” Yeah, it does, but if you’re misinterpreting that verse to mean that nobody should judge other people, then perhaps you’d care to explain how you judging people for being judgmental doesn’t do the same thing.

  26. Yeah. I mean why would we want to teach children what we believe to be true about the universe and our reason for being here? We also shouldn’t teach them anything about not eating poison, playing in the street or the existence of STD’s. Let them discover that stuff for themselves, right?

  27. Let’s see if you still have that opinion in 100 years. That is all.

  28. There is no evidence to prove Cristianity, the reson for that is that if you ask a Cristan to show evidence of a god or heaven, without having them answer — God did it or the bibles says so or even some random guy on the sreets; preist, pasor. I have to give 27 pieces of evidence just to have a plot; while Christianity needs nothing but idiots, here is some proof that religion is false, Albert Einstein, Stephen Haking, charles Darwin, and Bill Gates are atheists; and they are or where the the smartest people on the planet — whoops almost forgot Demitri Mendeleev. all I am saying is that you need evidence to say somehing is true, I am not calling Christans idiots, but MOST of them are stupid; other religions at least make more sense than Cristianity and other denominations: You should feel ashamed killing thousands of people, stopping stem cell reserch and brain washing little kids, let them have a choice.

  29. “Religion is regarded by the common people as true,by the wise as false,and by the rulers as useful.” – Seneca (the Roman philosopher not the apple juice people)

  30. We’ll both be dead. Regardless, I am pretty sure I still won’t hate gays, women and nonbelievers.

  31. No thanks

  32. What about me???

  33. No, you’ll just continue to hate believers.

  34. And what if your kid decided to become a Christian, friend? :)

  35. I thought the cartoon was funny… some people take life way too seriously. Thank yu oatmeal

  36. Fully agree.

  37. It looks like another not so bright offering by NonStampCollector

  38. There are a lot of scientific errors in the whole Bible…
    Such as, the ants do not have a leader…
    Earth was formed before the sun…
    Plants was created before the light created…
    And another hundreds of unscientific statement… ^_^
    But I do believe that there must be a Creator of the universe… But the creator must be scientific in sense… The creator must be a researcher and a scientist too…

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