Relationship Advice For Guys by Admiral Ackbar

Men, please be aware: relationships are full of traps! Scroll down to let Admiral Ackbar guide you through them.

It's ok, you don't have to get me any presents.

Would you remarry if I died?

Which one of my friends do you think is the hottest?

I'll be in the store for only a minute.

Do what you want.

How many women you have slept with?

What are you attracted to: my body or my brains?

You can go to the strip club with your friends if you think it's ok.

Nothing is wrong!

Do I look fat in this dress?

25 thoughts on “Relationship Advice For Guys by Admiral Ackbar”

  1. What if she says “I don’t love you anymore and I want a divorce”?


  3. It’s a Gift!

  4. Say “Finally!”

  5. If she asks these questions you got the wrong woman, guys.

  6. What is this body part thats talking?

  7. In Haha’s case mostly his butt.

  8. They claim that they’re GTOW but they won’t STFU about women, so my guess is that the only reason that they’re GTOW is because women want FA to do with their whiny selves.

    Hey, migtows, get a hobby and shut your sniveling pieholes. No one wants in on your pity party.


  10. Haha, nice to see how much I’ve gotten under that very thin skin.

  11. What if you are from a US-Popular-Culturally-isolated part of the world that never saw Star Wars or is even familiar with that obscure reference? This violates some tenant of SJW code of conduct and should be punished.

  12. Pity party? Never been happier. You clearly don’t understand MGTOW.

  13. I do understand that you whiny idiots won’t stop talking about women. GO YOUR OWN WAY ALREADY!!!

  14. lol, a woman online ranting about men talking about women online. It’s the circle of no lives. Or is that an ellipse?

  15. > I do understand that you whiny idiots won’t stop talking about women. GO YOUR OWN WAY ALREADY!!!

    We did, and the reason we’re talking about it is to spread the word to fellow men, so they won’t get scammed by the system.

  16. @Haha, if I was going my own way, you might have a point. However I am not, so you don’t.

    @Snap, why do you need an entourage to GYOW? Are you afraid to do it by yourself? There is a certain amount of sad irony in that.

  17. @Rattus; is one of the most used logical fallacy against MGTOW to try to shame us into following suit. We’re simply not interested in sharing our resources with women, or asking for permission to do something, like a child has to.

  18. They are forever alone, Rattus. Talking about women is the closest they’ll ever get to one.

  19. Under my skin. Not that. It’s more like you being an easy target for ridicule. So, when I’m lazy, I refer to Haha.

  20. Well Snappy, I don’t know what to tell you. I have no issues with anyone who makes the choice to travel through life without a partner. Those who make a big, whining, hateful deal of it on the other hand…

  21. @Anon; thx for proving my point.

    @Rattus; My initial comment consisted of two acronyms. I guess one of us got their whine nerve poked at.

  22. Nice straw man, but where did I state you were going alone?

  23. > who makes the choice to travel through life without a partner.

    I was in a long term relationship, married and eventually divorced (3 kids). Got the raw end of the deal ofc, as women are a protected class. Not going to repeat that mistake.

  24. They are protected because they depend on men. She invested her life in your kids and your home instead of a career and savings.
    When you betrayed your wife she would have been left with nothing. That’s why she got what you had to give her as compensation for your infidelity.

  25. #10 No, the dress hides the fat, you look fat when you’re naked.
    Q: Does this dress make me look fat?
    A: No, your knife and fork make you look fat.

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