Don’t Die With Regrets

Make sure you argue online as much as possible. Fill all possible platforms with rants about politics, sports, and various personal preferences!

10 thoughts on “Don’t Die With Regrets”

  1. Where is Anonymous? I have a comment for him/her/it.

  2. No you don’t.

  3. Barney Barnsmell you have a name only your mother could love.

  4. Every factory troll after Putin poisoned him with Novichok for bad performance.

  5. What an idiot.

  6. Looks like Poutine missed a couple

  7. Come on, Barney’s friend, you’re not even trying. My poodle could hump Donald Trump better than you.

  8. What a idiot. Looser!

  9. You had the same impact either way, old dude.

  10. Would you people please stop arguing, and let the
    old goat have a last wish.

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