Every Couple On Real Estate Shows Ever

I'm a part time kindergarten teacher and my husband hangs potatoes in garages for a living. We're looking for a penthouse loft downtown and we have a budget of 5 million dollars.

30 thoughts on “Every Couple On Real Estate Shows Ever”

  1. Problem is people believe that BS and not the real news. We need an anti-stipid virus pandemic. Kill all stupid. Would also solve the problems with racists and fascist rightards.

  2. To a certain extent covid is an anti-stupid virus, in that after the vaccines became readily available the majority of people dying were anti-vaxers.

  3. Inherited wealth, see some pretty stupid people in $70,000. vehicles.

  4. The majority of people dying are vaxxed

  5. Let’s go

  6. Anon#2, you need to stop parroting right wing propaganda like a good slave, and get deprogrammed.

  7. “Today I will policize science and blame rught wings”

    www dailymail co uk/health/article-11466261/Majority-Covid-deaths-vaccinated-Americans-time.html

  8. If some of the rightards would understand statistics they would know that “The majority of people dying are vaxxed” is not an argument. The more people you vaccinate the more failed vaccinations you will have the higher the percentage of deaths vaccinated people will get in the statistics.
    It’s like saying: ” Most covid victims had a meal before they died. So, DON’T EAT, sheeple!!!”

  9. How is decorating Donalds cell going?

  10. @Bildungsbuerger
    Yup. I am a Blieber. It’s 100% safe and 100% effective. Even though I have Bells palsy just think how much worse it would be without my mRNA GMO.

  11. I don’t even think you can live in a tent near a Newsom town rail road track for what they earn.

  12. Daily Mail šŸ¤£šŸ¤£šŸ¤£

  13. Looks like you lack funny, Bieber. BildungsbĆ¼rger is much funnier. Imagine. A German is funnier than you. Sad.

  14. Freedom homelessness. ‘Murica.

  15. It went fast from “it’s a lie vaccinated are dying more” to “they’re dying more but muh stats”.
    Bildungsbuerger is free to point out any other wide-spread vaccine where the vaccinated ones die more often from the disease they’re vaccinated against.
    Musk is right: the 10% extremist of both sides are dumb.

  16. Do your own research, lazy slug. Your lack of knowledge and ignorance isn’t an argument either.
    Musk is an idiot, as he proved to everyone by now. Good at stealing other peoples’ business, bad as a human being in any other account. Trump 2.0

  17. Looool. Now Bildungsbuerger is name calling without giving a single argument. His NPC brain is in distress with facts that contradicted his fairy tale. Wait until he sees what Pfizer’s CEO admitted:
    www dailymail co uk/health/article-9018547/Pfizer-CEO-not-certain-covid-shot-prevents-transmission.html

    The 10% extreme on the left are NPCs, the 10% extreme on the right are nazis. Luckily the 80% rest on left and right are reasonable.

  18. Umm, nobody claimed vaccinations stop transmission. They simply reduce the chances of you becoming seriously ill. Also, Daily Mail? Really?

  19. Sheeeeiiiittt mane. That was literally the propaganda all along. Use 32 masks, get 17 boosters, don’t leave home. Or you’ll kill grandma.
    But still, it’s yet to come another vaccine where the vaccinated people die more often from the disease they’re vaccinated against. Guess it was another great inovation from big pharmas.

  20. Trust the big pharmas. They’d never screw you over multi billion dollar contracts.

  21. Elon got covid brain damage.

  22. There are more accidents by sober drivers than by drunk drivers — we should forbid sober drivers. Your logic.

  23. Your logic would make sense if there were other vaccines where the vaccinated died more from the disease they’re vaccinated against.
    Trust the big pharmas. They’d never screw you over multi billion dollars contracts.

  24. You got pronouns in bio

  25. In reality no vaccine, no matter the sickness, will protect you 100%. You are a variable. If your immune system is f…ed up no vaccine will be able to help you. Also the rates of vaccine vary. None will protect you 100% anyway. Some are just in the range of 40 to 60%. But it will raise your chance of survival.
    So, if a vaccine is widely distributed most patients that die of sickness X will be vaccinated. It’s simple math. But alt-right politicians know their rightard followers can do it nor will they question any fake fact propaganda they are fed. Hate is easier than thinking. Because it’s not about being against vaccines, lockdowns or masks. It’s about sporting tantrums and threatening others to make your insignificant life interesting and live in the illusion of importance. Which releases neurotransmitters in the brain that will make you addicted to your own pipe dreams.
    In conclusion all those antivaxxers, antimaskers, flat earthers and fascist followers are just junkies high on hormones.

  26. You wrote a long text because you couldn’t name any other vaccine where the vaccinated die more from the disease they’re vaccinated against.
    The big pharma propaganda is strong with this one.

  27. And see that by saying that above, it means I trust other vaccines that went through proper scientific process.
    But an experimental vaccine with no long term data available, rushed into mass production, no extensive tests were done (including no test done whether it prevents transmission), does not enjoy the same trustworthiness of other vaccines properly done.
    It’s basic science.

  28. Trust big pharma. They’d never ever screw you over multi billion dollars contracts.

  29. The death rate (per 100,000 persons) is far higher among the unvaccinated than the vaccinated, cause the virus is preventing deaths. You are blaming the pharmaceutical industry for your ignorance.

  30. I wrote a detailed answer but the site anti-spam function killed it. I won’t recreate it. Not worth the effort. That guy can’t be taken serious nor is he a mature enough person fit to live on his own.

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