Trump’s Claim That Finland Rakes Its Forest Floor Gets Mocked, Here Are The Funniest Reactions

The antics of Donald Trump have once again provided us with a huge load of high-quality comedy. His awkward remarks about Finnish forest raking habits has given internet users a chance to showcase their reactions to the world. Scroll down to see the funniest examples.

Forest Roomba to the rescue!

Just an ordinary day in Finland.

Hillary and Obama reacts to Trump's statement.

How to prevent...

Meeting the raking quota.

Greetings from Finland!

Why Finland's are not on fire.

No need to thank me.

Rake America great again!

This is just sad.

Keeping the fire away.

Please send help!

Proactive forest raking in action.

Not on my watch!

No time for witty comments.

Finnish firefighters in action.

Even kids are raking forests in Finland.

Helsinki at night.

What now, Trump?

Any minute now...

14 thoughts on “Trump’s Claim That Finland Rakes Its Forest Floor Gets Mocked, Here Are The Funniest Reactions”

  1. So… Any Republicans want to comment on this insanity?

  2. Surely Trump can be removed on the basis of the lack of mental stability

  3. Independent. I think they are funny and I’ve been saying for ages Trump’s handlers need to get him off twitter. At least then he will just sound like an idiot in person. People in all 57 states agree.

  4. His lack of mental stability was what got him his current job in the first place.

  5. NPC’s making fools of themselves :) The term Trump used was not incorrect, according to a researcher. In Finnish:

  6. The point was him claiming the president of Finland told him they “raked their forest floors”. Which he didn’t, as he publicly denied it.

  7. Wow! So apart from being a common or garden variety RWNJ, you are in fact also a Trump supporter? Just when I thought my opinion of you could not sink a millimetre lower.

  8. Make psychology great again.

  9. they won’t … remember how trump is still using an unsecured phone for twitter….?

  10. Where do people go to school to learn how to prevent wildfires? Rake Forest University!

  11. You’re actually supporting Trump’s brainfart? It’d be funny, if it wasn’t so pathetic…

    …oh what the heck, I’ll laugh anyway! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  12. Hope the next election is between Trump and Biden. Instead of wasting all that money on advertising they can just have a ‘Grope off”. The one who gropes the most women in 12 hours wins.

  13. If mental instability was he basis for removing a politician, half the politicians in the world would be gone.

    Perhaps not a bad idea after all

  14. Trump will never get off Twitter. He’s the type of man/child that is in constant need of attention.

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