Brilliant “Would You Rather” Questions To Test Yourself

4 thoughts on “Brilliant “Would You Rather” Questions To Test Yourself”

  1. I know who would eat poop flavoured poop.

  2. Try to control your strange preferences….

  3. Poop flav. ice-cream. Better than eating poop per se.
    haha, easy – let kid die, be hero.
    man in dogs body. we could be like Coolguy and wonderdog. Dog in mans body is just a retarded person.
    I’ve run in strongmen run and through mud, so honey should be only a little ahrder. Also it sort of makes sense.. pocorn sounds just plain stupid. You couldn’t even tell friends, ebcause it sounds so stupid “Hey, here’s a party-story. I once ran in 6 feet of popcorn”
    songs into All star. I don’t listen to that much music to care.
    Now that’s a choice. I think drowning is better, because it would take awful lot of time to get killed by pickles and frankly it is worse to gradually die than drown even when drowning is not the best of drownings.
    80 year olds try to kill me. That would be awesome. Like in a curt russell movie.
    both terrible. Teeth for pubes.
    watch probably. My folks nowadays just plain **** and I dont think they make out much. they are almost old.
    100 horses. You can just step on them. I am able to do 100 steps.

  4. Kauf Buch?

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