Fun Year-End Puzzles


9 thoughts on “Fun Year-End Puzzles”

  1. Android for life

  2. Because Androids are round?

  3. Your mixing up Apples and Androids, although both will suck the life out of you and leave you an empty dried up husk. See you on FakeBook!

  4. Sorry, ‘coffeev’? – I don’t get it.

  5. It’s some nonsense word Trump twitted. His handlers really need to get him off Twitter. Perhaps Hillary’s IT people are available with hammers in hand.

  6. Cats > “Fun” puzzles

    Have a great new year, Eatliver & the great people behind the comments. (Kauf Buch too)

    May 2018 bring fewer battles between Democrats and Republicans. And far more pictures of cats!

  7. Let’s welcome 2018 without that craziness


  9. According to Internet Anagram Server there is no English language anagram for covfefe even using multiple words.

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