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  1. because USA has not invaded any country in the last two decades.

    • Failing to see how that’s relevant to anything at all here.

    • Did USA cast fake campain to vote Iraq or Afganistan to be the 52th state? And then while local citizens boycott votings since they are fake did USA plant fake votes to make it seem like 89% of the locals voted yes and over 100% people in total went to vote when actually only few did?

    • U.S. is basically the ONLY country that had invaded anyone in the last few decades. And now there’s all kinds of anti-Russian propaganda(like these toons) coming out, since the western overthrow of ukraines govt met more resistance than planned for.

    • @dsa
      In Germany they call people like you “Putinversteher”.
      Oooh said it all.

    • @Oooh: Nope, but Russia hasn’t invaded Iraq after UN said it was illegal in 2003.

    • No, but USA invaded Iraq using fake evidence about WMDs

    • No – the “fake WMD’s” claim has been debunked – even CNN admitted it, so that should tell you something.

  2. Half Russian November 18, 2014

    Even though USA did military actions in other countries, they dont want occupate for example Afganistan and turn it into next state of America, but Russias goal is to re-establish USSR, which means total occupation and end of democracy in those countries.

    • Zero Amerissian November 18, 2014

      I agree, look at all that democracy in Afghanistan.

    • Of course it did. Who do you think that decided which companies would “rebuild” the invaded countries (and steal every single penny)? Don’t you remember all the fuzz when USA forbid French companies to partake on it because they didn’t help on the invasion?

    • Onlye because americans are more cunning- instead of direct occupation they have military presence and establish US friendly regimes. The results are the same.
      Countries dont have friends- they have interests. US doesn’t care about Afghanistan, Russia doesn’t care about Ukraine

  3. US wanted diplomatic control in Ukraine, specifically Crimea. Putin ****** them off. I am a US citizen, but have an IQ over the negative range unlike the braindead and brainwashed US general population. With war comes debt to the country which the EU and US ‘saves’. This is reflected in huge interest and eventual control of the resource. (to the numbnuts, oil!) This is going to be the end chapter for humanity if the child, AKA U.S. Government doesn’t back down and keep it’s intentions at home! Bullies always get shot down, but some always return to try and dig deeper. This time it’s going to be endgame! Russia is a great country and extremely experienced with warfare, but they are going to bite the US properly soon if they don’t **** right off!!!

  4. I love the people who are trying to defend Putin’s actions by comparing the situation to Ukraine with Iraq or Afghanistan. Yeah, because these are totally similar guys. Not apples to oranges at all. Nope, not like a bunch of pissed off Ukrainians flew a Cessna into the Kremlin. Dipshits.

  5. Keep watching your TV propaganda bullshit. The facts are being hidden more and more as the days go by, but the US is going to end up on a slab if they don’t stop that hypocritical bullshit! Boo hoo, Russia took Crimea from us, awaaa awaaa. Crocodile tears! Oh, lets invent another terrorism scenario and invade the middle east again… look how that’s turned out!

  6. Why USA can protect its interests but Russia don’t? What’s the interest at the Ukraine for USA? Why USA consider Yugoslavia, Afagnistan, Iraq, Libya as its areas of interest and Russia can’t do it as to frontier Ukraine? USA doesn’t care a lot of people were killed at Donbass the only thing Donbass wants – not to be with the Ukraine. And how many people would die if Crimea joined to Russia???

  7. USA never kill 40 millions of its own peoples.

  8. After USSR falling USA and NATO promised to Russia not to expand NATO to the Russia’s borders. And what do we see now? Former Soviet Republic Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania are NATO’s members. Georgia is a candidate, now the Ukraine is close to it! Why Russia can’t protect THEIR borders under USA activity??? And why Russia can’t protect people who lived with her for centuries?

  9. Funny, but always starts a flame war

  10. Curious Monkey November 19, 2014

    @ Anonymous So a lot of middle Eastern countries want to join NATO, then why can’t Russia join too. Unite the whole bunch. Then there would be no one to protect from someone else invading. Well, maybe those pesky Indians and Pakistanis. Got to watch them closely.

  11. hey, I'm new here and this may sound crazy November 20, 2014

    Both should just start ww3 already, it will fun to watch 2 bully fight, to the death.

  12. Imperial wizard December 10, 2014

    Lame cartoons, and wrong, too.

  13. Comparing the US to Russia is like comparing a sparkler to an atom bomb. People have their extreme opinions about this, of course. Just so happens that most of them are wrong. I will allow that Obama is on the same level as Putin when it comes to corruption and deviancy, neither one should be in a position of power or trusted at all. You tunnel visioned plebs need to learn the difference between citizens and governments. Most American CITIZENS, want no part of what our underhanded government is doing, and most of us hate them as much as the rest of the world. If you’re American and you still live under the impression that your vote actually counts, you are the most naive little Pollyanna alive. Those people are placed in these positions like chess pieces on a board, and they’ll stay there until they’ve protected all their own interests and agendas. Do you have any idea how helpless and hopeless it feels when you see evil happening all around you but no matter what you try to do to stop it, you can’t? I’ll bet the Russian citizens know what that’s like. So, the TL;DR version is this: don’t make the error of generalizing an entire people based on the actions of a few bad ones. Generalizations just highlight how ignorant you truly are.

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