First Date With a Putin Supporter

You should know, I am a Putin supporter. It's great that you can be so open and honest about your mental illness.

32 thoughts on “First Date With a Putin Supporter”

  1. Trumpist defending Putin in 3, 2, 1…

  2. Russia is a competitor in the hydrocarbon market. US has the most untapped hydrocarbon resources on the planet. Make America #1 Hydrocarbon Carbon producer again.

  3. Meme all you want, USA started this proxy war, and despite Russia don’t absolutely nothing to the west, we shot ourselves in the foot so comprehensively that it isn’t just a loss in Ukraine, it’s caused a permanent political and economic shift away from the dollar reserve and we’ve lost literally everything.

    So joke all you want, the final joke’s on us :(

  4. Yes but the facts of the matter are, Putin has comprehensive won:

    1) Militarily
    2) Economically
    3) Politically

    He’s lost the propaganda war, but when Americans realise that actually Ukraine isn’t a first world country but is a corrupt dump like Romania and the entire war was a money laundering scheme, the propaganda is going to slowly start to unravel.

  5. You’re a bad dude, worse than Corn Pop, Joe just announced he has cancer and you obsess about this?

  6. You earned your Putin Potato with that one. By “us” you are talking about Putin’s Puppets, right?

  7. Your attempts are as bad as I expected. Sad.

  8. So, America started a proxy war by Russia invading Ukraine? Have you considered getting your head checked up? There is a light flashing on your forehead.

  9. WE started a war, when Russia was the one who invaded a country that’s in NATO?

    More countries are joining NATO, and it’s stronger than it’s been in decades.

    If the world moves away from the dollar, it won’t be because of this. We’ve been printing sooo much money and running near 0% interest since 2007. We’ve been running deficits for 40 years. ( look at a chart. It started when Reagan cut taxes and spent more on the military. Ahhh, the good ol days when all Republicans hated the Russians more than Democrats. )

  10. One, that’s not how mental health works. Two, by your japes & empty slurs you ultimately destroy yourself: your mind becomes soft. Putin may be an insect with nukes, the next enemy will not be so weak.

  11. 5,000 rubles have been deposited in your account, comrade. Another 50,000 and you can buy a mouldy Big Mac! (No fries)

  12. I also am the opinion that this war was passively initiated by the US.
    Also remember:
    1. How did the us behave when the Soviets came to Kuba…which is a little bit more distant from the US than Ukraine to Russia…
    2. The US tried to push Ukraine into the NATO to have US military right at Russia’s doorstep
    3. The US is still war monger nr.1 in the world

  13. Putin’s puppets are alive and well. Not only do they have thick skin they also
    have thick skulls.

  14. Aaaahhh… the lovely sound of brain washed Hate BOTS in the morning. Trump, America, Putin.. But never the actual villains like Dictator Trudeau, Wokeness, Inside Trader Pelosi, China Joe or the WEF. No just stick to the narrative and don’t think for yourself. It will all be over soon. You will eat the bugs!

  15. Skulls so thick they only hold the brain of mice.

  16. And the dumbest bot is awake too.

  17. I never realized the amount of economic and military professionals that are on this site and not working for the government…stick to Reddit you tools

  18. Dumbot.

  19. When you vote for Trump you immediately become an expert. Or was it pervert…? No, Trump voters are proud perverts. Sorry, my mistake.

  20. Putin is a douche – like a very dumb short weak douche –

  21. Love the grown up talk here. So proud of you all. Top notch humans for sure.

  22. Hello, conservative douche.

  23. See. Top notch. These people should run the world. Oh wait, they are. Explains the mess everywhere. Such good people.

  24. While I am not a big fan of US international policies, I must disagree.
    Yea, Cuba was a terrible moment for both countries, and I’d assign like 70% of the blame to US, but it’s not comparable, why?

    1. Russian wanted to place “Nuclear” missiles in Cuba, which meant Russia could strike US from an army base in Cuba (which wasn’t possible from Russia).
    2. Nowadays, the missiles are more long range, and both US and Russia could strike each other from their own borders.
    3. After the fall of Soviet Union, Ukraine had the 3rd largest nuclear arsenal in the world, and they gave it all up, with Russia promising to never take any military or economic action against Ukraine (Budapest Memorandum). To respect their independence, the current borders and sovereignty etc.
    4. Plus, the only reason why Ukraine didn’t join NATO earlier was because they don’t want to offend Russia

    Finally, the relationship between Russia and Ukraine as always been tense, in fact, the major contributor to the fall of USSR was Ukraine, and for good reason.

    1. Stalin orchestrated Holodomor (terror-famine) to put Ukraine in “its place” leading to the death of millions
    2. Another major disaster of the Soviet Era, Chernobyl also happened in Ukraine, making them the major casualty once again.
    3. Despite being the second biggest country in Europe (and in the USSR of course) and one of the major parties in USSR, they were treated as a second class citizens. This cumulated to them trying to dictate Ukraine’s international poltics

    Finally, what does Russia stands to gain? No one can tell definitely but here is my surmise

    1. Oil is the major source of revenue for Russia
    2. Europe is Russia biggest customer
    3. Most of the pipeline that carries oil into Europe passes through Ukraine, which gives Ukraine great power.

  25. @crown of wealth.
    The US is bombing, attacking, slaughtering in the middle east with the pretend reason of protecting against terrorism, while it’s all about oil and other natural resources.

    They are pretending to be good guys but are not. The US is pretty much the most selfish country in the world, maybe on one level with Russia.
    They tried to push Ukraine to become part of NATO for the mentioned reason.
    They also tried to stop the northstream 2 pipeline long before the Ukraine conflict.
    Solely for the reason that it would decrease the value of US Oil.
    The 2 richest people in the US earn more money each year than the whole lower 50% of the country.
    The health system is f**ked up.
    The only thing the US is better at than Russia is their marketing to defend their actions as doing the right thing. Russia tries the same, just… Less successful.
    What Russia does in the Ukraine is wrong. But to neglect that the US plays a role in it is outright stupid.

    The only country that is really worse than the US might be north korea

  26. Like your mama

  27. Yes, we should shoot conservatives into the sun. They ruined everything. We were on the right path but they had to steer us into the swamp.

  28. alt-right tears

  29. Yes we know, the path to communism and dictators like Trudeau. No thanks. It isn’t just the Right that’s turned against the Left. It’s pretty much 70% of the people. Even Norm Chomsky, a Leftist communist and darling of the DC Democrats for years, says that things are dystopian and tyrannical under the new Left. You see your side is in control. Everything that is now was created by you guys. Thanks again. Go Biden!

  30. You bore us with your halfwitted fantasies. Go, keep playing with lead.

  31. Stop speaking to the truth. Just stop it!

  32. Yeah, the truth of the right hurts us so much! I’m melting. Ahhhh. … Morons.

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