Airline Passengers You Want To Punch In The Face



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  1. J.J. McClure April 19, 2018

    I gotta say, I’ve seen many worst-of picture series – but this one made me gag several times

  2. Mrsillogic April 19, 2018

    Wow….these are so gross!

  3. Piratestan April 19, 2018

    As someone with more than a bit of a foot fetish, so long as the gal is reasonably attractive, has well-groomed feet, and isn’t stinky, I’d consider this a bonus on a long flight.

    • E.A. Presley April 19, 2018

      Well, good for you!

    • As someone with the opposite of a foot fetish – as in, I don’t care if you’re a supermodel, keep those grotesque, filthy shoe-paws out of my sight – I’m turning this plane around right now.

  4. Anything intruding on my space gets wet coughed on for the entire time it’s there.

    • buy a pair of balls and just talk to the person or elbow the visitors out

    • Right. Fighting on a plane always goes well.

      Try reading a newspaper once in a while.

    • Talking is fighting? Pointing out that a person is invading your space is fighting? Melodramatic much?

    • That’s why I always carry my assault rifle

    • If you think that people this ignorant won’t make some sort of stink, then you have not met people.

    • Not everybody is as unpleasant as you. Many are just so self absorbed they don’t pay attention to how their actions affect others.

    • And I am not willing to find out which ones are fighters and which ones are merely thoughtless. Were I to actually get on a plane, I certainly would not even remotely risk starting a fight.

      And I am perfectly pleasant to pleasant people. If you don’t find me so, well…

    • Ah, so milquetoast in real life but repugnant online. Got it.

    • Good god you are thick. I will absolutely stand up for myself, BUT STARTING A FIGHT ON A PLANE IS STUPID AND COUNTERPRODUCTIVE. Do you not read the news? Are you not aware of this? You may be belligerent enough to be willing to dragged off a plane by a few angry cops, but all I want is to get to my destination without someone’s filthy body parts intruding on my space, or an arrest record. If that means directing a few phlegmy coughs at some selfish ****’s head, then so be it.

    • I really don’t know why I’m wasting my time responding to a troll but again I ask: What part of asking someone to move out of your space is fighting?

  5. Unfortunate that ejection seats are not found on commercial airlines.

  6. Flic my Bic April 19, 2018

    A lighter would fix a lot of those hair problems.

  7. American in Vienna April 19, 2018


  8. You are free to be sprinkled across the country April 19, 2018

    The duct tape guy is at least safe from being sucked out next engine failure.

  9. Goober the Not So Funny These Days April 20, 2018

    Some people should have been Euthanased at Birth

  10. Goober and never know my name……..I call it retroactive abortion.

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