12 thoughts on “Punbearable”

  1. Why are so many stupid kids named Aiden, Braden, Hayden or Cayden?

  2. Why is “SAND” on that girl’s shirt?

  3. In aviation ‘SAND’ is used as an aide-memoire to pilots.
    When accelerating or decelerating in an aircraft in an Easterly or Westerly direction, in the Southern Hemisphere, a magnetic compass will exhibit an apparent turn to the South during Acceleration, and an apparent turn to the North during Deceleration (thus SAND).
    This is because of a counter weight on the part of the magnetic compass (at North) this is used to stop the Southern part of the compass dipping down (due magnetic attraction).

  4. Still better than Shaniqua, Lafaunda, Laquisha, Bon’Quisha, Sha’Nay Nay, Barackisha, and my personal favorites: Spongebobeeshia, Grapedrankisha, and King’Kong’Quisha
    I am not kidding, these are actual names various ghetto queens inflicted upon their poor unsuspecting children.

  5. Could be a shirt from Danish clothing company Sand: sand.dk

  6. Because with these bad names, we are persistently laden…..

  7. It’s a T-shirt from The Thousand Islands but the kid’s so fat he stretched it out.

  8. Charlie is Anon and/or FUBO!

  9. still better than Le-a.
    Ledasha “cause the dash don’t be silent”

  10. Don’t forget the name Tara Dactyl

  11. You’re only seeing the top:

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