When Psychotherapy Gets Kinda Repetitive…

Tell me about your father. Couldn't we talk about ME for once, dad?

16 thoughts on “When Psychotherapy Gets Kinda Repetitive…”

  1. My father charges me 10%

  2. That we know about.

  3. Both father and son are competing for mums attention.
    Sick buggers!

  4. And Joe’s own daughter according to her diary. Corrupt people are weird.

  5. I don’t sniff black people

  6. Why not, do you hate the smell of deep fried chicken?

  7. Ask Ivanka about that. She really had to “love” her orange daddy.

  8. Still better smelling than rightards.

  9. Don’t recall seeing Ivanka’s diary in the paper or reading her statements about inappropriate showers. Or Trump using the FBI to chase down the diary and actually arrest people who had read and copied it. Kind of like Hunter calling him Pedo Pete. Guess that didn’t happen either. I forget though that here, reality, facts etc.. are meaningless. Just manufacture some sh&!, throw it on the wall and see if it sticks. Brains that have suffered the gene therapy tend to do that.

  10. I guess Donald flushed the diary down the toilet. My real guess would be wasn’t allowed to have one. Or even didn’t dare to imagine to have one. Narcissists like Trump control, terrorize and traumatize the people around them all the time. Especialy those close to them, like family. Even so far that the victims develop narcissistic traits themselves. As we know Donald’s father wasn’t a nice man neither.

  11. So Biden’s daughter HAD a diary, wrote in it about him making her take showers with him, showers she said were inappropriate, but you manufacture all this BS that’s never been reported or proven as the diary and his son calling him Pedo Pete have been. Do you believe your own lies? What color is the sky in your fake twisted little world? This is Trump Derangement Syndrome on steroids. Get some help friend.

  12. So much projection. Get help anon.

  13. From a fact checking site: “We previously published a detailed story about rumors of the existence of a diary that allegedly belonged to Ashley Biden. Passages from the purported diary were released by the right-wing blog National File in October 2020, just one month ahead of the U.S. presidential election. The diary’s authenticity has never been confirmed. That said, for good measure we skimmed through all 112 pages of the PDF file that is alleged to be a reproduction of that diary and found nothing resembling this quote.” Trump’s inappropriate comments on his daugther can be watched on youtube.

  14. They think that if they repeat the same thing over and over again it becomes the truth. That’s why they post their conspiracy theories and fantasies on a humor site. They just want and need some confirmation bias so if someone repeats their story that becomes their “proof” because they read it somewhere..

  15. It’s not real, because we say so. Hunter Biden’s laptop, vaccine injuries and death’s, Nazis in Ukraine, Justine Trudeaus multiple convictions of ethics violations etc.. all true. All published in the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. Propaganda fail Buddy.

  16. Hunter has a laptop, but what is on it we don’t know. The vaccines caused a number of deaths, but not the numbers you claim. There will undoubtedly be nazis in Ukraine, but that does not make the Ukraine a nazi dictatorship that deserves invasion. And so on — you use small trues to sell big lies.

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