Psychotherapy Progress: Achievement Unlocked

I feel like you're making a lot of progress. Thinking about all the secrets I keep from her so she won't judge me. Yes, I agree.

9 thoughts on “Psychotherapy Progress: Achievement Unlocked”

  1. I heard a rumour Trump pooped his drawers during his visit to South Carolina.
    Apparently he ate a package of liquorish, then downed that with two diet cokes.
    He did look bug-eyed while talking.

  2. It’s true. It happened.

  3. He made Kevin McCarthy wipe his soiled ass afterward. Fact.

  4. He didn’t make McCarthy, McCarty volunteered.

  5. Trump. Derangement. Syndrome. Still, after all this time. Get some help. Focus on your own country. Trudeau would be the best starting point.

  6. Spoken like a true patient with Trudeau derangement syndrome. Now be a good boy and take your pills. You’ll feel better and help you realize you are a fake Canadian.

  7. I only whine about political problems in other peoples countries because I’ll be arrested if I do it about my country so you’re country is bad but my country is worse I just can’t say it because I’m weak and scared of my own Government and I hate that you have the freedom to do so and I let my freedom of speech be taken away from me so Orange Man bad!!!!!

  8. Yeah, sure. 🙄

  9. Go Socks!

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