Workplace Pros And Cons: Which Is Which?

Ping pong table at work, gobbling down pizza with coworkers, company team building sports activities, casual Fridays… you name it. Employees will do anything but rise wages.

There are pros and cons with working here. Like we arrange lots of fun activities for the employees. Right, and pros?

13 thoughts on “Workplace Pros And Cons: Which Is Which?”

  1. Damn, so right. Fck that extrovert regime.

  2. Man with hand in pocket feel cocky.

  3. What’s wrong Don’t you have any original content left?

  4. The real Effendi is much nicer. You trailer trash upbringing shows.

  5. Effendi often makes solid points. Others make only personal attacks because they can’t actually make logical, rational arguments to debate the points. This is true ignorance. Sad.

  6. No it’s not. Mind your own business.

  7. I like Macron and his live in mother.

  8. Effendi has “unacceptable views”. Freeze his Bank Accounts, Bitcoin wallet and have him arrested. Now hand me that cocaine tray and bring in the under age girls.

  9. That Effendi is a fake and in reality is a weird guy with a fetish for you, Mr. Trudeau and violence against minorities and basicly everyone else who isn’t him. Quite the pervert too. They say he’s into human trafficking collaborating with some U.S. Republican guy. Pretty sure he has a stash of knockout drops.

  10. Is Gaetz getting out of line again, or are we talking some other GOP underage interstate white slavery ring?

  11. Better ask Boebert. She likes to make ou… uhm be around kids.

  12. employees or employers?

  13. Both in a wicket way.

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