Workplace Pros And Cons

There are pros and cons with working here. Like we arrange lots of fun activities for the employees. Right, and pros?

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  1. So true!!

  2. Several of the Vietnamese guys were doing some marshal arts forms with swords during the company picnic, that was cool.

  3. marshal arts…

  4. Gibraltar. 100% vaccination rate. 40% booster rate. Covid cases climbing. Are we allowed to admit that the vaccines did not and will not stop the pandemic? Are we allowed to admit that the unvaccinated can’t be blamed when there are no unvaccinated?

  5. Infected people, but not sick. The vaccine, as most vaccines, is to protect you primarily from death – not infection. And then there is the more infectious delta variant. Bred by antiwaxxers. It’s not vaccinated people filling the hospitals. It’s still the unvaccinated dying off and blocking beds in the ICUs.
    Telling half the truth is the same as lying.

  6. Gibraltar is not isolated: there is a relatively large daily flow of people between Gibraltar and Spain.

  7. Man you drank ALL the cool aid. Well, just keep getting the jabs. Not even a year and their up to 3. Boosters coming. You will never be fully vaccinated. Bi yearly injections for the rest of your life. And there not vaccines. There gene therapy.

  8. The two last Anons are right.
    I bet that antivaxxer doesn’t even know where and what Gibraltar is and wants to explain Europeans their continent. Typical American.

  9. And you will never be dewormed if you eat up Trump’s and Fox New’s sh*t over and over again.
    Vaccines don’t work “forever”. All vaccines need boosters in theory. The intervals are different because diseases are different. Even “natural immunity” wears off. You are the only one here who doesn’t understand how vaccination works.
    MRNA-vaccines are no gene therapy. Gene therapy would alter your DNA in the cell core. That’s not what mRNA vaccines do. The vaccines transfer RNA sequences to the organelles in the human cells. They get the command to produce marker molecules identical to those of a corona virus. Your immune systems gets alarmed by that and begins to fight everything that has this marker. Once all RNA pieces are read out and made into markers the vaccine in your body is used up. Gone. Everything left with a virus marker gets destroyed by the immune response. After that the bluprint for this intruder is memorized by special cells in your body. When they detect a real indection after some time your immune system is already briefed and prepped by the “mug shot” the vaccine provided. The real virus is destroyed faster and doesn’t get the chance to multiply in huge numbers. You won’t fall terminaly ill and don’t spread a huge virus load to others. Minimizing the virus’ chances to infect other by you.
    Most viruses do actual harm to your cell core DNA by the way. That’s why they can cause cancer.
    Again, you know nothing.

  10. Even the manufacturers said they are not vaccines. They are gene therapy. They just called them vaccines to avoid vaccine hesitancy. Could you please just read a bit. Bill Gates and Fauci have admitted that they do not stop the spread but only prevent serious illness. Name me one vaccine that does that. I’ll wait.

  11. No they didn’t. Stop lying. Gene therapy alters your core DNA. The vaccines do not do that. Obviously you are unable to understand the explanations above. I recommend you find some informations about cell biology. From real biologists, not esotherists.
    All vaccines do not provide 100% immunity. If your immune system is shredded the vaccine won’t help you. If your immune system is fine, it will help you.
    Maybe you should intensify your “own” research. Try sources with more competence than likes.

  12. Right… because it doesn’t fit the narrative it can’t be true. Google the latest Bill Gates talk for yourself. Then enjoy that plate of crow.

  13. You mean nut people talking about Gates? Or Gates talking about vaccines?
    Also Gates has no expertise in medicine. He was a software developer. Would you consider asking your car repair guy for expertise about your new attic’s statics?Or do you rather consider consulting a builder or architect? It’s irrelevant what Gates says. He’s the money. Others are the PHDs in medicine.
    It’s clear to me that you have no clue how to gather relevant information about a topic. That doesn’t mean you are stupid. It means you lack the neccessary education. And that’s not your fault.

  14. Your welcome to be a lab rat if you like. But many many people are not going to become Government pin cushions. Human rights as stated in athe Nuremberg Code need to be enforced. Never again. Remember..,

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