Aww, So Romantic!

With this shiny rock harvested from the guts of the Earth by a child at gun point, will you sign a government contract with me that you can get out of anytime?

7 thoughts on “Aww, So Romantic!”

  1. *a government contract that makes it so if you break it you’re entitled to at least half of anything I own? And possibly monthly payments for life?

  2. What’s wrong with that? You expect her to stay home, cook your meal, clean your house and take care of your ugly offsprings. That means she can’t go to work and build a carreer like you do. You have to compensate her for that if you think you have to sail other waters. It’s just fair. Stop whining.

  3. No. Actually, It’s not 1900. Most of us expect her to do whatever makes her happy….
    Maybe she works and so does the husband.
    Maybe she works and the husband doesn’t.

  4. *AND, if we have a kid, she’s more likely than me to get custody, even if she’s not the better parent.

  5. THis reminds me: I’ve long wondered why they say a high-school football player “commits” or “signs a letter of commitment” to a particular college team, but then so many of them “decommit” and go somewhere else.

  6. Marriage is grand. Divorce is ten grand.

  7. Well, in some heads there is still 1900. For example more in America than in “ye olde” Europe.
    In countries with a real justice system in contrast to the American justertainment courts she would get less if she owns her own money. It will be calculated by the former household income. If she is the only one who earned money or has the higher income she would indeed have to pay alimony. Surprise, welcome in 2020.
    * * * * * * * *
    If you complain about women more likely getting custody of the children blame the patriarchy. It’s the bias that children belong to the woman and women can care for children better by nature.

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