Cartoonists Around The World React To Trump Winning The Election

27 thoughts on “Cartoonists Around The World React To Trump Winning The Election”

  1. Angela Merkel and female ministers already ordered chastity belts for the next visit of a U.S. president in Germany.

  2. That’s funny because they’d have to be far more worried about Bill Clinton tagging along with Hitlary. Nobody would be watching Bubba like a hawk.

  3. Just remember: More Americans voted for Hillary Clinton.

  4. I wouldn’t exactly call killary supporters Americans.

  5. Europe, Asia, and the ME will start WWIII

  6. It’s amazing how many people are brainwashed about this election. All of the hyperbole is laughable.
    If you have an ounce of integrity and honesty, give this read…

  7. No they didn’t. Trump and Hillary are at almost a statistical tie and well within the margin of error. Meaning 50% to 50% Besides, they are STILL counting votes. You should actually try and learn for yourself rather than parrot the party nonsense.

  8. Sorry Zelda, that’s not how the USA has EVER worked.
    Look it up some time.
    It’s called the Constitution, you ignorant fool.

  9. Never forget: these George Soros PAID rioters (they’re not “protesters”)
    are a reflection of the Democrats, Hillary and the LEft in general
    whenever they don’t get their way.
    So, KISS MY Po-Po, losers of the world:
    Trump is the RIGHT MAN at the RIGHT TIME for the RIGHT COUNTRY!
    God bless the USA, and
    God bless President-Elect Donald J Trump.

  10. Great article

  11. Heil Drumpf!

  12. You Leftists are the fascists.
    Disagree with something? BAN IT.
    Lose an election? RIOT.
    Grow up, LOSER.
    It might not hurt to learn about the US Constitution and start ACTING LIKE A TRUE AMERICAN.

  13. Heil! Let’s train our right arms. ‘Cause Drumpf ist a righty, not a lefty. And he is a great leader. He can lead very great. ‘Cause he said so.

  14. Yeah, Hitler was also a political RIGHT man. And elected. And blessed by god. And he had minions like you.
    As a german I always feel the need to vomit when I read such hymns of praise. Especialy with this god-shit.
    But who knows. Maybe the americans will have a war on their soil sooner than they think. Maybe a civil war. It would do the US good and teach them some modesty. The american civil war seems to be too far in the past. People need a reminder of the horrors of war and why their veterans are so strangly traumatized when they come home.

  15. That last one made me laugh! I also like the hair force one. Lol.

  16. It IS a must-read.

  17. Hair Force One was pretty good!

  18. I’m sure he’s touched to the quick by these cartoons, I bet he’s crying into his billions of dollars.

  19. Good article

  20. I could really give a shit less what other Counyries think about our election. And the leftist that are crying are rioting are the ones who want her to win so they can bring thier freebies instead of having to get a real jon

  21. Enough of the anti-Trump crap. Time to move on.

  22. Hes’s not president yet. It’s just beginning.

  23. “I’m with stupid” T-shirts SOLD OUT in nearly every state.
    It’s as if every American thinks it’s okay to say dumb stuff now.

  24. I don’t think Merkel has anything to worry about.

  25. But…but the instructions were SO CLEAR! Everyone was told to vote for Hillary! Why didn’t they just do what they were told by their obvious betters?

  26. You people and that idea that America is just one country, not an entire continent.

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