When Will The Kid Move?


When will he move?


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  1. Monsters of Manchilds July 30, 2020

    Because unconditional love starts with throwing your children out on the street.

    • Anonymous July 30, 2020

      Well yes, yes it does. Because the basement is for the old ping pong table. Not for the useless neck beard bun head twitter soy boy in pajamas. Why don’t you go burn a court house down and give me 2 hours of peace.

      get out Get Out GET OUT

    • Monsters of Manchilds August 1, 2020

      @Anon If you can’t raise a child who wants to move out you are a parental failure who doesn’t deserve the peace and quiet.

    • North Dakota August 1, 2020

      @Monsters of Manchilds
      Children must be brought up with in the love of God. Civic education in minimal government. Respect of just authority. Training in martial arts and the ability to think for themselves and resist tyranny and the ability to hit a target at 50 yards with a Glock 21.

  2. Anonymous July 30, 2020

    Depends. Degree in useless liberal arts, good luck ever getting them out. Degree in a real science or useful degree, their out.

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