Your Prayers Didn’t Work, It’s Your Fault

They should have prayed harder. Or to a different deity. Humans have come up with thousands of gods throughout history. Seems that none of them got the right one.

We have gathered here because your prayers didn't work.

27 thoughts on “Your Prayers Didn’t Work, It’s Your Fault”

  1. Maybe their prayers did work .

  2. Another family fight is about to begin when the will is read.

  3. They were praying for her soul. She took the mRNA GMO got the Wu anyway and died of cardiac arrest via arterial thrombosis.

  4. I guess it wasn’t poo poo time yet

  5. I’ve learned over the past few years that the best way to shut up apes like judgement is with an endotracheal tube and a ventilator. Oh, and use sedation sparingly – if at all.

  6. “A suggestion that tens of thousands of excess deaths in the UK are linked to COVID-19 vaccines is misleading… ONS data show all-cause deaths in England were higher among the unvaccinated than those who had received at least one dose, for every month in its April 2021 to May 2023 dataset”

  7. Ah, shutting with your facts. They believe it, can’t beat that. Only hope is Darwin…

  8. BINGO

  9. Covid still kills. Unheard prayers won’t help. Smearing essential oils won’t help. Taking horse pills won’t help. Drinking bleach won’t help. Best protection against the virus is vaccination.

  10. I understand eating a red onion daily will stymie Covid.
    I’ve been doing this for a year now, and I’ve had no signs
    of covid.

  11. So, you are an ogre.

  12. No, he’s just an empty voight. Like all of us.

  13. Amazing how many morons there still are who think the vaccine is ‘safe and effective’. But then I guess there are always plenty of idiots who follow religion blindly, and the new religion is ‘Science’

  14. The big pharmas spent billions to brainwash the mass so their government spent several billions to fight something that is now classified as a flu after all the hype went away.
    Always remember: drugs are no longer effective once their patent is expired.

  15. Seemed the meds were more effective than your brain. You obviously don’t understand anything about the topic.
    Science is not a religion. It’s fact based. Religion is a religion. It’s based on fairy tales and delusions of the mind. Religion is for idiots. It suits you.

  16. The science is settled 😌

  17. Science is never settled. Religion is more than settled. Religion is dogmatic.

  18. Does Brad know he’s a mongoloid?

  19. Does your mother know you are an unchristian douchebag, Corky?

  20. No, but your mother does, darlin’.

  21. Religion is settled? Which religion is settled? Ask a sampling of the top five and see if they agree.

  22. They all hate everyone else.

  23. At least my mother isn’t my sister, Corky.

  24. Leave Corky alone, can’t you tell he is a bit – – ah – – retarded.

  25. Turns out it was the energy drinks from certain alt-right antivaxx billionaires stopping young peoples’ hearts and giving them colon cancer. Not the vaccines.

  26. Pro Jab! Anti American! Anti religion! This site is 100% propaganda 100% of the time. But what isn’t propaganda in Canada. “I can’t afford to eat, but it’s not Trudeaus fault.” Vote Biden. Orange man Bad. We love Big Pharma! Jab me harder Daddy! Talk about the Darwin Awards.

  27. Must hurt not to be special, enlightend, chosen and everyone knowing you aren’t because you are just a sorry excuse for a rightard.

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