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It’s a prank, Bro! LMAO!!! Calm down! Camera is there.


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  1. I suppose this is part of the Christian mythology. I hoped someone might explain it.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter October 24, 2020

      Abraham ready to sacrifice his son to a non-existent deity like a sheep. He already raised his knife. Stopped by an Angel at the last moment. God supposedly set this up as a test of loyalty. Abraham sacrificing his son shows real faith.
      It’s part of all Abrahamic religions. Another example of religious induced delusion and violence.

    • This story tells you what sort of being Abraham thought his god was. Not exactly something that’s worthy of worship.

  2. Old Testament humor. Book of Job: God wipes out (or allows to be wiped out) Job’s entire family but later God reveals it was only a test. “See. I’m gonna give you twice the number new children and money.” No harm no foul except for all that grieving you did for those previous kids that got squished. Hilarity ensues.

  3. Wtf the cross in the back. Jesus wasn’t even a plan by God back then.

  4. Hahahaha… just kidding man, you can kill your son any other day!

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