How Good Are You at Power Point?

How good are you at Power Point? I Excel at it. Was that a Microsoft Office pun? Word.

26 thoughts on “How Good Are You at Power Point?”

  1. I have OneNote and will Sharepoint and say she has good Outlook in Teams.

  2. My Abscess just opened. Will be quite a Project having it healed.

  3. Abscesses sure do stink. Make sure it’s properly treated and have a drain inserted.

  4. I doubt Trump will leave his Abscess voluntarily.

  5. As for the comment about Trump leaving his Abscess voluntarily, I have a few points.

    1. Your entire comment makes no sense.

    2. Trump was rich before he entered politics. He donated his entire presidential salary every year he was in office. He actually lost money by becoming president compared to what he could have earned without becoming president. Yet you think you are superior because you help elect people who didn’t become rich until AFTER they entered politics. Great choice, Einstein! By the way, did you notice that Trump backed people kicked ass during the recent primaries? Did you know that Latinos are moving to the republican party in large numbers because most of them entered the country legally and now see hundreds of thousands just walking in?

    3. You are one of those people who are not only clueless…but you can’t wait to prove to others how clueless you actually are!

    4. I realize you like politicians who constantly tell you that it’s not your fault that your are an unhappy loser in life, but convince you to put the blame on people who aren’t instead. That makes you feel better while still being able to continue to be a slacker loser, without having to do anything to improve yourself. You hide behind your lame-ass-blame-game excuse instead.

    5.By the way. If you are one the the “enlightened” idiots who who insist on “My body—my choice”, then why don’t you believe in “My student loan—My student loan payments”?

    6. I know several people who paid outrageous college fees because they watched too much TV and were naive enough to think that for some reason, the country needed several million CSI investigators. Unless you graduated at the very tippy-top of your class, knew somebody, and/or worked your way up from the bottom, you pissed all your tuition away, Don’t expect others to pay for your basic lack of common sense with our tax dollars. Maybe you should expect us to pay for a more valuable degree, like “Gender Studies”. I understand the local “Gender Studies” factory is hiring right now. Go for it!

  6. Lol

  7. 1. Your entire comment makes no sense.

  8. I heard a rumour Trump pees sitting down.

  9. The Leaning Tower of Resentment. Get help, Mr Gullible

  10. His tiny hands are too small to wank his toadstool wee-wee.

  11. I haven’t read your rightard sermon. You may waste your own with it though.
    Concerning my Trump comment. It wasn’t supposed to make sense. Just like Trump. He’s disgusting like rotting flesh.

  12. Sitting down (at home) is healthier for the bladder and it makes less of a mess. As Trump wants to be “manly” I doubt he would sit down. Melania will have to help him peeing. Not all stains in the Oval Office where burger sauce.

  13. TL;DR: Butthurt trumpanzee white knights for his God Emperor.

  14. You used all those words but forgot Woke, CRT, Cancel Culture and Groomer.

  15. @anon1:“I know several people who paid outrageous college fees”

    Was it Trump university?

  16. I’m sure your commentary is robust and engaging to someone out there who gives a shite. Must’ve taken your smug arse at least an hour to come up with all that drivel.

  17. 2. It doesn,t matter what Trump did or not with his salary, it was peanuts anyway. He spent most of his time playing golf on his own courses and having the Secret Service staying in his own hotels. He was raking it in. It was laughable when Mike Pence visited Ireland and stayed with his entourage in Trump’s hotel at his golf course, traveling 140 miles from Dublin to get there and then back to Dublin the next day to meet the Irish prime minister and president.

    By the way, what did he donate his salary to? The Donald J. Trump Foundation that was shut down under court supervision because Trump spent a lot of money on himself?
    And now he buried his ex-wife at his New Jersey golf course so he can call it a cemetery and pay less tax. Just when you think that he can’t sink lower, he does.

  18. What a genius businessman. No integrity and moral center, but businessman. Let’s vote him again. Maybe his genius will shine on me. Let’s build a shrine in the front yard.

  19. This entire site can be used as conclusive evidence that Trump Derangement Syndrome is not only real, but that it causes permanent brain damage. These poor mindless creatures are STILL talking about him even after all this time. He is forever locked into their tiny little minds. It’s a serious mental illness. Thank you all so much for proving that. Perhaps now we can get funding for more research. Maybe try focusing on Biden’s accomplishments as the real president of the US could help you to begin recovering. Though I doubt it. Sadly it seems to be permanent as you can see above.

  20. Your brain damage is obvious. Your admiration for the fraudster, criminal, traitor and murderer Trump has left you deranged indeed.

  21. See that won’t work. Orange Man sucks. It’s your obsession with him that is the problem. Keep talking about him, giving him attention etc.. is helping no one but him. It’s a mental illness. Period.

  22. Just lock him up. People are concerned because that rabid animal is still free. He’s a hazard to the public and republic.

  23. He’s a threat. And threat don’t go away by ignoring them. You have to take them out of the equation.

  24. An old fat joke who holds no political office is a threat to no one. But by all means continue to talk and obsess about him 24/7. Derangement syndrome strikes again.

  25. As long as the GOP can’t escape his tiny claws he’s a threat. Period. What his idiot followers lack in numbers they make up in violence.

  26. Trump has his personal SA.

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