Amazing Gallery of Potatoes That Look Like Disney Princesses

11 thoughts on “Amazing Gallery of Potatoes That Look Like Disney Princesses”

  1. Well… I tried many substances (before rx-ing them to my patients), but I was never *this high*!

  2. Am I missing something here? All I see are potatoes.

  3. Names of potato breeds, I suppose…

  4. The Originator guy making this stuff up has read the calendar wrong. This is Christmas time not April Fool’s Day.

  5. Incredible!

  6. Cats > Jabba the Hut Potatoes

  7. I still can’t believe i ACTUALLY saw the whole list trying to find a meaning.

  8. omg best thing in a long time. literally rofl…

  9. Um, wtf?

  10. Exactly, I don’t get why they names them

  11. Exactly, like wth is wrong with the person who made this. Anyone see a resemblance.

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