Amazing Gallery of Potatoes That Look Like Disney Princesses



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  1. Well… I tried many substances (before rx-ing them to my patients), but I was never *this high*!

  2. Am I missing something here? All I see are potatoes.

  3. Psakreff (@Psakreff) December 26, 2016

    Names of potato breeds, I suppose…

  4. Bubba and Joe Bob December 27, 2016

    The Originator guy making this stuff up has read the calendar wrong. This is Christmas time not April Fool’s Day.

  5. Incredible!

  6. Cats > Jabba the Hut Potatoes

  7. The Logical Psycho December 29, 2016

    I still can’t believe i ACTUALLY saw the whole list trying to find a meaning.

    • Exactly, like wth is wrong with the person who made this. Anyone see a resemblance.

  8. omg best thing in a long time. literally rofl…

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