Popemobile, Pope Logic, And The Idea of Heaven

Heaven is great, right? You live in an eternal happiness, listen to angels playing lovely music, and you can shove grapes down your throat all day long. If that really is so, how come Pope is very hesitant to get into the heaven? What’s the story with armored car and bodyguards?

Heaven is great, right?If that really is so, how come Pope is very hesitant to get into the heaven? What's the story with armored car and bodyguards?

20 thoughts on “Popemobile, Pope Logic, And The Idea of Heaven”

  1. Why are they showing a picture of Johnathan Pryce?

    Just because he played the High Sparrow on GoT, that doesn’t make him the Pope.

  2. Because it’s all a scam. All religions are.

  3. Though he is not head of my religion, it is understandable to protect the pope as a head of state for the country of Vatican City. Though they have many problems as an organization, they are still trying to protect their leader. Similar to other countries with monarchs, elevating a new leader is a non-trivial process should he come to permanent harm.

  4. That’s not much of an armored vehicle. I guess he’ll get hit with fewer bugs though.

  5. “ok, now make fun of the other religions…”

    I’m surprised Mr complainer is not here yet. For some reason he’s been totally fine with making fun of women though. Hmm.. no problems with making fun of judgemental guys on the couch, or people with funny outfits etc, etc, etc,

  6. Haha Now do Jews. I’ll wait. Forever.

  7. I’m not religious at all but I love the way gutless liberals never make of the Prophet Muhammad. Why is that? That’s easy to answer! It’s because you’re cowards and therefore would never make fun of a group that might actually fight back! It’s the classic bully syndrome, which ironically is a label that libs love to use when anyone offends them. Hypocrisy at its best! Many Muslims push gays off of buildings and treat women like cattle, but you don’t dare mock their leader! What a bunch of cowardly chicken shits!

  8. So true. Jews will cut off your money and Islam will cut.. well you know.

  9. ” treat women like cattle” Like the GOP shutting down a woman’s right to chose?

    I liked it better when ya’ll were actually for freedom and less government. Now you just act like a whiny baby.

  10. Oh you poor triggered thing you.

    So predictable.

    Remember when you used to say it was the libs who were easily triggered? To funny. Now you’re even scared of history. Now it’s you guys who are the literally the word police too. Yes, now every time there is a new election, our leaders can choose what words to outlaw. Wont that be great?

  11. Not religious but hate Islam. Sounds like hate is your religion.

  12. I notice all the liberals on here who love to bring up a “woman’s right to choose” were already born! Apparently there’s a couple of things they don’t believe in choosing- like birth control, the morning after pill, or personal responsibility. Don’t get me wrong though. I don’t really mind when liberals get abortions. It’s like putting chlorine in the gene pool.

  13. The obvious option, their mothers wanted children, appears beyond you. Having different experiences with your mother, uh?

  14. Haha, ask Matt Geatz about it.

  15. GOP christians = islamic fanatics

  16. conservatives are genetic failures. they can’t evolve and make the genepool foul.

  17. Just saw the Battle of Billings memorial. This is trending big time here. So proud. There might be hope.

  18. The GOP is trying to ban the morning after pill too.
    Companies lead by Christians are trying to deny their employees access to birth control.
    “freedom”? Nope.

    Condoms break sometimes. Some classless men take them off without the woman knowing too.

  19. Nah,yeah, it’s not about getting to heaven as quickly as possible. First you have to live through this pain in the ass life on earth. I mean I don’t believe in heaven but I can see why people imagine a place that’s better than this reality. I like some religious ideas.

  20. You won’t have to worry about making any decision in this matter lacking any chances of ever fining a willing mate. Force or making a payment doesn’t count.

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