The Original Unisex Bathroom

The original unisex bathroom.

6 thoughts on “The Original Unisex Bathroom”

  1. So tell me. Is this a liberal or alt-right joke?

    Black people in the picture. Clearly to incite hate? But the white/pink people look like MAGA brainwashed people. And they are all urinating? This is very confusing.

    If only stuff would have labels. Then it would be easier to know how to react. :(

    What is your verdict:

    1/ Eatliver is leftcucks. Posting a picture like this, just before disaster strikes. If only one of them had carried a gun. One race. One Trump.

    2/ Eatliver has become the alt-rights prime tool. I am sure all of these just wants to cool down and have fun. Also those that identify sexually and asexually as binary cis-kebabs and bi polarbears. We need more toilets designated for all the different sex that now exist.

  2. You see, this picture is funny because people pee in the pool. The headline indicates unisex bathroom, alluding to bathrooms made popular by LGPBTADADFE3R3…’s , now popular in freshman dormitories in USA universities, Target and other familial creepy venues. You See? Haha – funny. Takes notes if you like.

    The object is to not see the comic as left or right, this or that, but try to appreciate the humor for humor’s sake, or else you will wonder through life looking to be offended and willy nilly turn into an unpleasant person.

  3. A black person in the picture is to incite hate? You need to go back to your message.

  4. Message= meds

  5. There are many men in the picture.

  6. Wow, CC, some people have absolutely no sense of the ridiculous nor recognition of sarcasm.

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