There Are Plenty Of Fish In The Sea

There are plenty of fish in the sea.

18 thoughts on “There Are Plenty Of Fish In The Sea”

  1. The GOP of the fish world.

  2. That blobfish even looks like Trump. Minus his fake hair.

  3. When Justine rakes off his eyebrows he’s a exact replica of the fish on the bottom right. Only the fish is way smarter.

  4. So listened to the new Nazi rules given to the police. Rat out your neighbors etc.. and you just let it happen. In fact you’ll say it’s not happening even after your giving proof. Here’s proof! Your worse then sheep.

  5. Too late. Someone claimed that one as Trump without hair. Better learn reading.

  6. Nazi fish?

  7. Or Fish nazis?

  8. …no matter how many fish in the sea, It will be so empty without me.

  9. Just remember you’re one of those fish also.

  10. If you’re making out, just close your eyes and pretend it is someone else.

  11. Here’s proof…… of what ? Poor grammar ?

    I don’t understand what the heck you are even talking about, but here’s a tip. You’re = you are, not your.

  12. Antifa mugshots

  13. Kakloo ex-wifes

  14. They all look as crazy as a shit house rat.

  15. I doubt Kalkoo would get any women…

  16. I had your mom

  17. Being kicked in the balls by my Mom isn’t “having” her. Nor did she “touch” your testicles. I remember you being dragged into a police car naked, Kakloo. The whole mall remembers it.

  18. Ask your mom again, what really happened.

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