Please Keep Quiet on the Train

22 thoughts on “Please Keep Quiet on the Train”

  1. Arsebucks :-)

  2. India is on top of the train again! I didn’t even have to know what their flag looked like:)

  3. Haha, I loved all the small details, from greek nightmares via headlines and signs to the dusty old memories from Britain`s past over the fireplace: The Magna Carta, the Mini, the FIFA World Cup Trophy – wait a minute, the FIFA World Cup Trophy? I don`t think so. Brits probably wish they had one of those, but they don`t, and probably never will. They did win the old Jules Rimet Trophy back in 1966 though, 8 years before it was replaced by the FIFA W.C.T. Doesn`t detract anything from the fun though, but maybe it`s enough to make me nitpicker of the month?

  4. So izzat a Monacan or a Polack with the plunger?

  5. Greece sleeping. What else.

  6. Mr UK. is showing his back side where you can see is pustulating cancerous bulbas Luton canker on his ass, no wonder he’s got a bad attitude.

  7. love the details

  8. I didn’t recognize Daddy Briton with when he’s wearing his monocle. He didn’t wear it in the family portrait above the fireplace. They were on the train headed to Yuma Territorial Prison (the movie 3:10 to Yuma). The heart Will & Kate teapot (Chucky’s boy and his peasant wife).

  9. Obviously you’re not familiar with the laws of the countryball universe.

  10. Is that Kazakhstan on the shelf in the 2nd pic? If so, could someone explain that to me?

  11. bloody yanks… he should have say…. bloody seppos

  12. Good catch Bubba. Kazakhstan is in the luggage rack! ? A drunken Ireland is obvious, since the Brits oppress them so, but why’s Monaco got a plunger?

  13. It’s referring to the 1966 world cup, where it was won by the England team.

  14. I think it’s meant to be Poland (although it is upside down if so). British Daily Mail readers think Polish people are all plumbers.

  15. It is Poland, indeed. It was made upside down on purpose – it’s part of the trolling.

  16. This comic is a lovely piece of art

  17. Hey its a Voltorb!

  18. Why does that British dude live in Arizona?

  19. Like british people is not loud at every single hotelpool around the world, damn you are noisy!

  20. I don’t care what country you’re from, cell phone screamers are a universal pain in the arse. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I’ve had to restrain myself from jerking the phone out someone’s hand and curb stomping it into oblivion. It’s even worse if you have a job like a cashier or bank teller, etc. People will literally just stand there flapping their pieholes while you’re trying to wait on them. It’s the epitome of rude, and I got to where I would just step back and tell them that when they were through yakking I’d wait on them, but I’m not going to deal with having to talk over you, so get off the damn phone so I can do my job, mmmkay? I did not operate under that tired old adage “The Customer is Always Right.” If you act like a jackass, then you’ll be treated accordingly. To wit; PUT THE DAMN PHONE AWAY!

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