Hey Greg, Wanna Play Hooman?

Greg ans Steve here pretty much nailed the human condition. All you have to look forward in your life is driving to work just to afford gas for driving to work the next day. And some depressions also. Keep following our page for more uplifting stuff!

Hey Greg, wanna play Hooman? Sure, Steve. I have to drive to work only to afford gas to drive to work again tomorrow, lol. I have so much depressions.

6 thoughts on “Hey Greg, Wanna Play Hooman?”

  1. Thank you for some fresh, original content. The amazon shills were just unbearable.

  2. Wow, so you mean this place isn’t a non-profit? 🤔

  3. Anonymous Nr.1 can’t wrap his head around the fact that websites have to survive somehow.

  4. Lol, sadanduseless.com employees are obviously first in the comments, yet they won’t clean up the political wingnuttery. Why? Because it drives eNgAgEmEnT.

  5. How is this even about Amazon? I never think about Amazon until this butt muncher says something. Who is ACTUALLY a shill for Amazon again?

  6. This joke is un-bear-able.

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