Pissfingers Meme: The Story of Dog Shelters

Why buy a puppy when you adopt Pissfingers? You should feel guilty if your dog is not a rescue. You are worse than the devil himself. Shame on you!

Don't buy puppies, consider adoption instead. This is Pissfingers. She's 19 years old and can't live in a home with children, books, or electricity. Pissfingers is nervous around hair and needs 400 acres of land and an orchard of extinct fruits.

2 thoughts on “Pissfingers Meme: The Story of Dog Shelters”

  1. Typical GOP dog. They exist to be the problem.

  2. @Anonymous: LOL right, as opposed to those DNC dogs who create problems where there weren’t any, just so they can smugly pat themselves on the back for seeing said problems.

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