The Birth of Philosophy

How's this... instead of just thinking about stuff, why don't we think about thinking about stuff?

2 thoughts on “The Birth of Philosophy”

  1. Birth of Philosophy? No, no. Birth of Politics. Then it all went down hill. That’s why he drank the hemlock.

  2. Yes, politics is not anymore the planning to perform policies for the administration of the well-being of the society (the mission that the people give the politicians to serve them for which they are paid) but it has become the way of talking as complicated and poly-edged as possible to make it impossible for the people and ordinary journalists to understand and follow up. And as the political system in the USA and even Western Europe is becoming more and more authoritarian via Neo Liberalism, specially after WWII and specially Reagan and forward, the politicians (and the president on the top) have got free hands to neglect the journalists, deny them the right to ask and even humiliate them in order to intimidate them to shed even a candle light on them, not to talk about any stronger source of revealing light. As many former presidents and their secretaries or advisors have mentioned, people are there just to vote for us politicians and no more interference in or questioning into political stream. The “ignorant and meddlesome outsiders” (the people) are allowed to vote every once in a while, pick out one of us “smart guys”. But then they are supposed to go home and do something else like watch football or whatever it may be. But the “ignorant and meddlesome outsiders” have to be observers not participants.

    You may read articles of Professor Noam Chomsky on or Professor Jonathan Kozol on his site or his books to understand what has been and is going on particularly in the USA.

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