Philosophy Origins Explained: The Birth of Philosophy

It either happened like this or because men were thinking so deeply trying to figure out why their girlfriends were mad at them that they unlocked new ways of interpreting reality.

How's this... Instead of just thinking about stuff, why don't we think about thinking about stuff? That's awesome, dude! Freakin' genius shit! Whoa, whoa! We're gonna need a shitload more scrolls!

17 thoughts on “Philosophy Origins Explained: The Birth of Philosophy”

  1. During some of my deep thoughts I often wondered how philosophy

  2. And don’t worry, your family, friends and neighbors(tax payers) can take another hit for the team and bail you out on the student debt from that ivy league philosophy degree. 🙄

  3. Funny how you call Biden a bought president when the great president Trump obviously is Pµtin’s pet, has business with the Chinese and sold state secrets to the highest bidder. When he didn’t blabber them out to brag that is. I’m the best traitor of all time. Others are losers.

  4. Philosophy is meta thinking. cool.

  5. Only four comments in and the Trump obsessed basement dwelling toddlers climb out from under their rock. He probably defends Palestine as well.

  6. Neither Palestine nor Israel earned defense in this conflict. The whole situation is a clusterf*ck since decades. And will probably remain that for more. Until they all killed each other off.

  7. Ok so this is only partially true. Thinking about thinking would be called epistemology, which is only a branch of philosophy. There are branches of philosophy like political philosophy, which is not “thinking about thinking”.

    Wrt to thinking about thinking, “philosophy” did a nice move to consider itself the branch above all branches of science. F***ing losers….

  8. We understand you envy people capable of thinking.

  9. @Anonymous: In case that was aimed at me: You obviously havent a clue what I was talking about. This is the problem with uneducated people, they dont know what they dont know stuff. PS: I studied philosophy to master-level with top grades. bye bye.

  10. what=that

  11. U.S. studies? Worthless.

  12. What countries studies are of value then? Kathmandu, Israel, Canada.. I know, its Bolivia isn’t it? What do they call it when you hate an entire country and it’s people?

  13. I don’t hate the country or the people. I just think the education is substandard.

  14. @I am, therefore I think…
    You studied philosophy? Was it worth tens of thousands of dollars of debt? Yeah, good luck with that mate.

  15. This isn’t the birth of philosophy, but the death of it. To wit: that’s a painting of the death of Socrates.

  16. I know. Someone who studied philosophy should regognize the hemlock cup. It only proves my point about substandard American education.

  17. @Effendi: (a) yes, but I didnt have to pay for it, I live in EU, not UK/USA or AUS… (b) In case you live in UK: how many philosophy students work in finance in London? Or consulting. Philosophy “teaches” you to think broadly. but I wouldnt recommend to study it as major or on postgraduate level.

    @Jay: nice… :-)

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