Pets Who Are Having The Best Day Ever

7 thoughts on “Pets Who Are Having The Best Day Ever”

  1. Shoats are so cute when they are little and grow up to be such wonderful hams and ribs, umm, um.

  2. I like how the picture of the cat eating pork is surrounded by 3 pics of cute piglets.

  3. ‘Having a great time’? Doesn’t look like the turtle on the receiving end would agree!

  4. Ooh, what are those sausage looking things? I need to eat one of those.

  5. I think you mean yumm yum, or mmm,mm

  6. Sup brother?

  7. Look for chorizos or loganizas.
    Though I’m pretty sure they make the same thing everywhere with different names (for instance Wurst, Kielbasa)

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