Try This In a Job Interview, Report Results In Comments


Try this in a job interview.


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  1. Carlos Maza June 12, 2019

    That’s how I got my job. That and my calls for violence, censorship, and my love of impaling myself on a man stick.

  2. Frank with an F June 12, 2019

    Been there, done that.
    The interviewer smiled and then looked in my CV and said: “But your name is not even Peter it’s Frank……. with an F”

  3. the guy looks creepy

  4. Kendall Jenner June 12, 2019

    Look at their eyes. The eyes are all wrong. The eyes are looking painted on with photoshop. Maybe they’re aliens from extra-terran places.

    • Lizardfree Planet Plz June 12, 2019

      They are lizards. No doubt. I heard about lizardpeople from an anti-vax mom, who did some research in her lab/toilet.

      It’s some sort of plan. Against all terrans. JAFFA KREE!

    • Shol’va! June 12, 2019

      They are aliens. Like Thor from Asgaard. Not the Marvel one, but the little grey one from Stargate SG:1. Only few people know that the aliens in that series actually existed. No stuntpeople or cgi needed. Teal’c exist too. And Jack O’Neill.

      I don’t really know how you can work that theory into this story about photoshopped eyes and Peter with no F. But there is some sort of plan.

      The government wants to keep us weak. So they can eat us. Or something. Or it’s something about tax. Or using us as energy, like batteries. Also – don’t vaccinate. I know someone who did some research… And now they moved to Denmark. Most likely deported.

  5. Doesn’t work.

  6. HR people have great sense o humor

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