Life Is About Perspective

You may think you are a lion... but to some people you are a dick.

12 thoughts on “Life Is About Perspective”

  1. Truth!

  2. Kinda like China

  3. China is a **** from every perspective.

  4. Just like Trump and the GOP.

  5. Trump, you mean the guy who lost the election and is on his way out. Biden is President now and you still suffer from TDS. So who’s the real Trump fan…

  6. Hmm. “So who’s the real Trump fan”? TDS = Tax Deferred Solutions. Exactly correct! I’m the real Trump fan!

  7. No I think that TDS stands for Trump is a D*** and a Sore loser.

  8. Why can’t you guys just let Trump go now. We know you loved him. We known he’s been living rent free in your head for 5 years now but it’s over. Let him go. It will be hard. We all know Dirty Joe just isn’t good enough to fill Trumps clown shoes but you have to move on. Joe is your NEW Daddy. Come on Lil camper, where’s that stiff upper lip.

  9. Maybe most people just don’t want a clown in charge and Trump still refuses to go.

  10. Maybe without the distraction of the Trumpster you’ll be forced to have a hard look at your own country, for once.

  11. It’s like they don’t even notice the massive human rights violations of China, or any communist regime, because they can get cheap electronics made by children for pennies a day.
    Without slave labor communism becomes Capitalism.
    Without Capitalism, socialism becomes communism.

    Never forget. China is the leading polluter of the world.

  12. why is the toys’r’us mascot painting the president elect?

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