The Perfect Halloween Costume Idea For You

Are you looking for the perfect Halloween costume idea? You’ve come to the right place! Try to be mentally stable for this year’s Halloween. No one will know it’s you.

For Halloween I'm gonna be mentally stable. No one will know it's me.

6 thoughts on “The Perfect Halloween Costume Idea For You”

  1. Mental illness? Hilarious. Another low quality effort from the bots at

  2. For Halloween I will be a pretend therapist.
    Here honey lay your beautiful head on this
    This treatment may seem unorthodox to you,
    but trust me.

  3. Perv.

  4. think there should have been a space between the e and r in that comment…

  5. Problem with that plan, there is only one person on the bench…

  6. Just like when you drunk racist sh*t sleep there in the park.

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