Is Pepsi OK?

This is how everyone should answer to "Is Pepsi OK?" question: is Monopoly money OK?

9 thoughts on “Is Pepsi OK?”

  1. Everybody knows that Coke and red wine are the proper combination, not Pepsi.

  2. Never gets old…..

  3. Ooooh, I’ll have a Perrier then.

  4. Other way ‘round.

  5. Kill him!

  6. Ewwww

  7. Sarcasm meter seems to have gotten lost here.

  8. Sarcasm, irony, those things are not for the rightard hearted.

  9. Sounds like pissing in someones coffee. I mean, I like Coke (not Pepsi) and wine. But mixing them? Must be an American thing.

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