People of Walmart



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  1. and we thought russians are strange…

  2. Kilgore Trout September 19, 2014

    At least one image is from Target. I feel deceived.

  3. That Pikachu cosplay is excellent!

  4. All 4chan fauna in one place.

  5. Redneck With A Gun September 19, 2014

    I do not understand the problem.

  6. So many disabled people in america… Is there any way to help them?

  7. The pokemon picture was acceptable.

  8. WalMart employees sure must have some good stories to tell at the dinner table…

    • I have one! Right out of high school I got a job in the electronics department to help pay for my college courses in the fall. The electronics department is situated next to hardware and sporting goods and since there’s usually very few people waiting in line back there, I would often check out people who just ran in for one or two things like a can of paint or new fishing lures, and didn’t want to stand in a huge line up front. One evening this couple comes back there and starts raising holy hell about bad “gumbo” they’d bought that gave them all food poisoning. Te manager is trying to calm them down and asks them to show him where they got the “gumbo” in question. They pointed past me and right at the sporting goods section. The manager was like, “We don’t sell food for human consumption in this department…” So, he asks them to specifically show him what they bought. They showed him. He almost died.
      What they had thought was gumbo was a bucket of chum fish. They had bought, cooked, and ate chum. It said so right on the bucket. I had to hide under the counter to keep them from seeing me laughing. They had ended up in the ER after getting food poisoning from eating bits of trash fish typically used for bait that they bought in the Wal-Mart sporting goods section. They threatened to sue and the manager was like, go ahead! Wal-Mart isn’t responsible for the actions of people too dumb to know the difference between gumbo and chum… Those idiots will forever be known as The Chumbos.

  9. even scarier is each one of these people gets a vote… that counts just as much as your’s does!

  10. The old dude with the blonde rockabilly wig is AWESOME. I wanna hangout with him.

  11. The Lone Wonderer September 20, 2014

    I think they’re a hole new subset of human species…

  12. You should see a 24hr walmart after midnight. The employees alone are scarier than most of these people.

    • Walmartian wannabe October 2, 2014

      Yeah, my husband gets off work at 11pm and if he has to stop at the store on the way home, we refer to it as “Tweakermart”. And some of the late night clerks look like they do the most tweak!

  13. Guy with the “short sorts” is actually kinda doing it right.

  14. Love the “sporting goods” sign. O, the irony.

  15. so many convoys, so little time

  16. This is one of the reasons why I hate America and Americans. Fat, dumb and arrogant, that’s what you are. Please don’t come to Europe.

    • Yet Americans can make fun to themselves.
      Don’t worry, Henry, “fat, dumb and arrogant” people do not travel a lot.
      It’s bad that chauvinists do. ;)

  17. Some of the people using the scooters are disabled, and you really have no way of telling. Some disabilities mean a person *can* walk, but not long distances or for very long. Just sayin’

  18. Fatty pigs on the farm )))

  19. you guys commenting nonsense just don’t get it that those people are hard dedicated workers who took it upon themselves since the dinosaur’s extinction the purpouse and duty in life to counter-balance the planet on sun’s orbit. without them, we are at drift.

  20. PatronasKitty7 October 7, 2015

    Henry, that is just plain rude. Not all Americans are rude, fat, and arrogant. We are people too. So don’t stick us ALL under a label just because A THIRD of our population is obese. Not all. Anyway, Europeans are lazy, alcoholic, and think that they are better than everyone else. Please don’t come to America.

  21. Do they all being their own “vehicles” ??
    or does the supermarket have a huge fleet of ’em ??
    My fav is the chick (i think) entering the store with what looks like 2 extra asses on “her” sides….
    ass-some… :-)

  22. oops.. “being” = bring…. :-)

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