People Dislike Me For No Reason

It’s a mystery. He seems like a great guy. Handsome too. Why people don’t like him? Please let us know in the comments.

It's a mystery. He seems like a great guy. Handsome too. Why people don't like him?

9 thoughts on “People Dislike Me For No Reason”

  1. The Canadian hard Left talking to.. well anyone.

  2. Hillary

  3. Sounds like Putin whining.

  4. So it’s official. Last year Kamala Harris hit the lowest approval rating for any Vice President in history. Now, Corrupt, senile, Genocide Joe has the lowest approval rating of any President in history. So, worst President ever along side worst VP ever. And the Left just keeps gloating as if they have a chance to win with these two clowns. The Left lives in it’s own fantasy world were boys can be girls and you can loot murder and rob without fear of consequences.

  5. Boys can easily be girls! They just have to talk too damn much and drive like their peripheral vision doesn’t exist!

  6. You are confusing unpopular with bad. On the list of bad presidents, Biden is some 20 positions behind Trump. The right lives in it’s own fantasy world where you call election officials to find you votes and send in thugs to prevent the ratification of the election result.

  7. I never cared for Trump. But Trump never polled as low as Biden is now. Never. No President has. Not one. Your lies won’t change that. Sorry. Facts don’t care about your feelings.

  8. The polls are like politics for children, Because they are easy to read and understand. Here’s the funny bit….it’s political scientists and analysts that make the polls, I thought science was bad and all them nerds didn’t know what they were talking about? Or is that only when they say stuff you don’t like?

  9. All the polls said Hillary Clinton would win in a landslide. But Biden is polling in the 20s with young people and low 30s with Blacks. Something will have to happen soon. Its just over for Dirty Joe and they now it.

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