I Wish You Wouldn’t Be So Patronising

What’s patronizing? It’s a linguistic gymnastics routine where one expertly uses big words to explain things to others, as if they were delicate little flowers in need of linguistic baby wipes.

I wish you wouldn't be so patronising. Wow, that's a big word for you.

12 thoughts on “I Wish You Wouldn’t Be So Patronising”

  1. #1

  2. Run… just run.

  3. I love a sarcastic a women, please send me her e-mail.

  4. What are you Italian? “I love a dem big a women, si?”

  5. I like my women black,tall, slim, and cute. Not short, sloppy, and homely.

  6. Unfortunately women don’t like fat, short, ugly incels, right?

  7. Oh haven’t seen the word incel in a while, someone must have poked a feminist!

  8. Women are shamed for too much body count, men are shamed for too few.
    The correct for both is 1, with their lifetime spouses.

  9. Anti depressants cause erectile disjunction issues. There’s your problem.

  10. Disfunction

  11. Both can be true.

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