I’ve Always Been Passionate About Being Able To Afford Food

Why the hell recruiters think we are looking for a job? Because we love making PowerPoint presentations and have a powerful urge to create Excel sheets?

I've always been passionate about being able to afford food.

21 thoughts on “I’ve Always Been Passionate About Being Able To Afford Food”

  1. If you want a pathetic employee hire this guy.

  2. If you want WWIII vote for Demon Crates.

  3. Employ Trump. He’ll steal your purse, bang your daughter and ruin your company. Enjoy your jail time. He’s innocent.

  4. Trump….is fat! Biden…..is old!

  5. Nobody can afford food these days, employed or not.

  6. That’s the Justineomics and Bidenomics kicking in. Love those guys so much!

  7. Blaming Democrats for Republican politics. Priceless.

  8. Trump is also dement and lost all impulse control.

  9. Trump is now as old as Biden was when the Republinazis told everyone he was to old for office. Usual double standards. Truth is what fits the Fuhrer’s narrative.

  10. Siding with the very people that bend you over and pull your pants down while you have a stupid grin on your face is the epitome of what it means to be a Democrat or a Republican! Denser than Jupiter’s core the both of them. When you remove the 3 to 4 things that they disagree on, you’re left with the same person! Couldn’t tell if they were Republican or Democrat, but you can tell they’re stupid!

  11. America needs more parties. It would bring more democracy. Like in Europe.

  12. America is not a democracy. It’s a constitutional republic. Democracies are totalitarian like in Europe and Canada.

  13. Right, democracy bad. Trump monarchy good.
    What did the freedom index say about the USA in comparison to Canada and Europe according to freedomhouse.org? 🤣🤣🤣

  14. And Europe isn’t a country but a continent with lots of countries sitting on it. And not all countries are EU members. A concept many Americans don’t get.

  15. And who compiles the Freedom Index? It’s a joke like the UN or the WHO. Come on.. at least do some research. Anyway, everyone that lives in the US raise your hand…

  16. What would be a convenient organisation or person for compiling a freedom index that fits your . The KKK? The Proud Boys? Ye? Elon Musk? Donald Trump? Vladimir Putin? Batman? Ronald McDonald?
    Clown. 🤪

  17. Justine Pierre Trudeau would be a good choice. His ethics are solid. Oh wait.. never mind.

  18. We need no parties, not more parties. Make each candidate stand on their own actual merit, not be swept into office by idiots, because they’re flying the right team colors…

  19. And no corporate donations.

  20. So, basicly you want a monarchy. The founding fathers would be proud… not.

  21. Only weak, small minded people would ever live under a monarchy. People who need a “Daddy” to take care of them because self sufficiency is to much for them. Can you imagine bowing and groveling before King Charles and queen horse face. Ridiculous.

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