Giving a Talk On Drugs


Can you give the kids a talk on drugs? Ok, but I talk a lot of shit when I'm high.


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  1. Concerned citizen December 24, 2021

    Any politician either to the extreme right or left are
    serving their personal agenda. Vote the pricks out.

    • Who to vote then? America is a 2-prick-party dictatorship. From 2016 to 2020 they even had a crook as president. Same with Britain. They have an idiot instead. Both countries are no working democracies.

    • Replace the district system with proportional representation.

    • That’s communism, don’t you know?

  2. Lean Forward December 24, 2021

    Robust and engaging commentary.

  3. It’s official. Majority of Omicron cases in Canada are in the vaccinated. It’s your news reporting it so it must be true. Unless your news lies..🤔

    • The more people are vaccinated, the more vaccinated are among the infected. 101 of statistics. 🙄
      No surprise and anticipated. Infected but no hospitalization. They are not the ones filling up and overwhelming the ICUs. Those are still the antivaccinated. Get your shot. 💉

  4. “The more people are vaccinated, the more vaccinated are among the infected”. This pretty much sums it up for me thanks.

    • The more people had covid, the more people who had covid are among the infected. That pretty much sums it up.

  5. So what do the vaccines actually do? If the vaccinated are infected that means their spreading it. So how are the unvaccinated, (most of whom already had it and have natural immunity so they can’t spread it), responsible for vaccinated people getting it? And how is it a VACCINE if you can still get infected after multiple shots? So glad I’m never gonna have to mess with all that crazy. Does the vaccine make people gullible or..

    • The first confirmed American to die of omikron had covid before and was never vaccinated. Our immunity system is very poor in providing protection against this virus. The “immunity” wanes very quickly after it was triggered by infection with the virus or by injection with virus proteins (or mRNA making cells briefly produce those proteins). The vaccine, however, trains your immune system with a far smaller risk of serious side effects than the actual vrius.

    • “Far smaller risk” is an understatement. It goes near zero in comparison with the real threat. Those idiots risk death or lifelong impairments only because their pu**ygrabbing crook lost the white house.
      Hm, maybe it is the first virus that only kills the stupid…

  6. Media talking points and Trump talk is all you have here. Try answering the questions asked and spare us the anecdotal BS. Look at the CDC’s actual numbers. Read the published info from big pharma. You scream get jabbed, get boosted but you lab rats are on your 3rd shot in less then a year and cases are only growing. Far more deaths under Biden then under Trump and he had the gene therapy jabs. The ones that last only a few months. You will never be fully vaccinated. Ever. Stop with the BS already. It’s not going to work. We’re not taking the jab. We’re not jabbing our children and we’re going vote the crazies out in less then a year. Deal with it.

    • Trump got himself the booster. Feeling stupid now?
      That crook doesn’t care for you, your children or America. Not even for his own family. All he cares for is his purse and fame. He’s still killing American by the thousands for his own gain.

    • I answered the question you asked, but the answer obviously exceeds your brain capacity. Google some facts in stead of talking your usual nonsense. You might have to install a fresh browser, because you have trained your google to ignore facts. Natural immunity does not last a life time for many diseases, nor do many vaccines. You probably also distrust the media when they say that 2 + 2 = 4, just because it is the meda.

    • I answered him too. He doesn’t want to listen or too understand. He is in constant denial. Addicted to his feeling of being special and enlighted. Why would he give this up and go back to his insignificant live he had before. It’s harder to treat than drug addiction. He’d even kill for it. He already did. Think of all the dead people who believed a lie because he supports it. Murderer.

    • Poor thing…No one here cares if you or your brood gets vaccinated. No one cares if you or your brood wind up on a ventilator. Except ICU staff…which I can assure you care more about the waste of resources caused by you and your kinds stupidity. Deal with it.

    • Today a prominent antivaxxer in The Netherlands died. He welcomed his infection and laughed about it. Guess who laughs now.

  7. Trump! Trump! Trump! Doesn’t make you right. Just makes you sound crazy. No one cares about Trump! Except people on the Left. The jabs don’t work. Athletes are dying from it and no one with a room temperature IQ trusts anything on Google. Using Google is why your getting ready for jab number 4 and your happy about it.

    • You need serious meds, pal. And a cell with soft walls.

    • Jabbed people are much less likely to end up in the hospital or morgue — the jabs work. Unfortunately, the immune system has a poor memory for this virus. Sudden cardiac death of athletes has been well-known for decades.You should be able to find a long list of victims on wikipedia. And you didn’t have to admit to having a room temperature IQ, we already knew that.

    • He doesn’t want the truth. He is allergic to facts.

    • It’s like an addiction. Trumpers, conspiracy nuts, they all are addicted to endorphines. If they don’t get it, they will become aggressive. And storm congresses for example. Just like any other addict too.

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