Parent Problem: Giving The Kids a Talk On Drugs

This is a weird request to ask your husband. Why does she want her husband to talk to kids while he’s high? She’s obviously not suited to be a parent.

Can you give the kids a talk on drugs? Ok, but I talk a lot of shit when I'm high.

25 thoughts on “Parent Problem: Giving The Kids a Talk On Drugs”

  1. Me too, but I don’t have to be high.

  2. I suppose the premise is that the child has two parents (assumed pictured) that includes a father and mother.

    The latest USSA justice sworn into the Amerikan supreme court could not answer the question as to what a woman was as she was not a doctor. With that in mind; shouldn’t the one to give the kid the “talk” be a pharmacist?

  3. Well, since Trudeau’s Canada is pushing to euthanize children without parental approval, I think Canadians have far more to worry about. They already got approval to euthanize mentally ill people. Neither children nor mentally ill people have the ability to consent to be murdered. You would think Justine would know that…

  4. He who observes,
    Get a grip, your imagination is running amok. I would say you have
    mommy issues. Get help, and stay out of adult sites.

  5. I think the Canadians who have the ability to read at a grade 2 level and beyond understand how the MAID service works and don’t fear it like a petulant child afraid of what’s under the bed! Ignorance is the key factor in most fears.

  6. So killing children and the mentally ill is ok. Got it, Monster.

  7. Yes, don’t forget to check under your bed and close your closet door! The big bad truth monster might come and dispell all your silliness and lies!

  8. Defending the killing of children and mentally ill people is sick. But I notice you don’t say “this isn’t happening”. Because it was in your news. Maybe they are lying.

  9. You are lying. Like always. And still boring AF. Glad to see Canadians live better than you. Explains you envy. Pathetic.

  10. Lol you never said you don’t rape children…..guess now we know! Also you don’t give a shit about mentally ill people or children, you hate Justin Trudeau so much you’ll say anything to besmirch him! Is he a great leader? No! But I’m not about to lie and spread rumours to ruin the reputation of somebody because they were bad at something. No one wants to get covered in your bullshit! What your confused about is that MAID might be more accessible to mentally ill people, not “they gonna kill mentally ill people” as you have described! They haven’t even expanded the law yet. So calm down and stop over reacting Karen!

  11. We know Canada isn’t permitted to get real news, only Government approved news. But the world knows now more then ever what kind of people you are. It’s big news in places that are allowed to have news and people around the world are disgusted you people would allow it. Sick twisted Fuc%* for sure. Defend it all you like, the world knows.

  12. @Yup
    I don’t think even his dad, Fidel, did as great exploits as he has. I, in my young adult-hood had thought of Canuckia as a place to escape to when the blue hairs were finished with the USSA, can’t do that now. Now the blue hairs are moving to Tennessee, Alabama, Texas and the Dakota’s, can’t get away from them. They are everywhere, bringing deception, misery and death.

  13. Your news said the vaccine works! Your news says climate change is real! Your news says trump is a criminal, Oh no…..oh no… dug yourself a bit of a hole didn’t you? lol

  14. Wow, that’s a deep hole you have dug yourself.

  15. Its okay to lose, you should be used to it by now! Nothing is stopping you from getting a real education, rather then your current YouTube based one!

  16. When people like Yup win everyone loses. Including Yup and the people like him. Sad. True story.

  17. If Trump wins, Americans better begin learning Russian. US will be part of Russia. Trump will gift Putin Alaska first. So the Dictator loves him again. The Plan is to dissolve the US to give more and more parts to Russia and China.

  18. “when morons ruled the world” that is past tense dude, as in the last leader….who was indeed a moron and has since been replaced. You sure you don’t want me to take care of things for you? Tie your shoe? Comb your hair? Hold your winky while you take a piss? I’d rather it not all over the toilet seat to be honest, knowing your ilk!

  19. If trump wins he’ll be one year older then Biden when Biden was made fun of for being too old, but I’m sure the conservatives will have plenty of bullshit excuses as to why this time, it’s different!

  20. It was never about Biden’s age. It was about Biden not being our beloved leader Trump.

  21. Who said he wasn’t? I mean …..look at them….practically twins!

  22. So the Canadian courts ruled that Justine’s actions during Covid violated multiple laws and that basically he was and is a lawless tyrant. Yet nothing was said about that here. Not a word. But you weak little Socks Slaves think Americans are going to listen to YOUR opinions on THEIR elections? How out of touch can you be?

  23. Exactly. Your country sucks but our country.. the one we vote and live in.. no comment.. now let’s discuss your countries elections and who WE think you should vote for. Haha. This is you. That’s what you sound like. Ridiculous.

  24. Yes, electoral system in the US is fake.

  25. You don’t have to be an american to know how stupid conservatives are! So get off the internet Karen!

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