Painfully Awkward Model Poses


We kind of know model poses aren’t comfortable, but usually they aren’t so painful to look at.


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  1. Not painfull. Just weird.
    We’re Starfleet Officers! Weird is part of the job.

  2. Bubba and Joe Bob December 20, 2016

    Ya know, some of them folks must be awful hungry to prostitute theyselfs like that. I seen folks twisted up like that but only in a car wreck. Well, whatever twists yer pretzel. Joe Bob looked like that oncet when he fell off the porch.

  3. looks like all women got are legs and breasts.

  4. Not natural at all… why do it.

  5. AsianPersuasion February 4, 2017

    Who cares?!!
    That first girl is hot

  6. 3rd one: just let her take a piss.

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