Dog Having a Moment of Realization that He’s Outnumbered by Cats



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  1. Just Sayin' March 17, 2017

    My dog looks like that with just one cat around.

  2. Bubba and Joe Bob March 18, 2017

    Joe Bob here…. cats and dogs in the jest aint natural. It’s cruel to let’em in and then push’em back out.
    BTW Bubba is outta action fer a while. His mesh pot got to hot and exploded. Blew him out the door on his barn when it exploded. Broke his hip is what it did. Doc says hes gotta stay in bed with a sling under his arse. Its a real case of having “yer arse inna sling.” He says dont send flowers but mebbe a good lookin nurse would be nice.

    • I hope he gets well soon. Maybe you should send him some good ol’ moonshine, then all nurses are beautiful.

    • You do realise “arse” is British slang? A redneck American would say “ass”.
      No go play outside..

  3. Love the dog’s face.

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