Gallery of Hilariously Startled Cats



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  1. Italiano Medio July 29, 2016

    Cats on a leash have no sense.

    • Cat on a catapult is something I’d like to watch. The squirrel catapult is pretty interesting, too.

  2. The old man on the mountain July 30, 2016

    People who put cats on a leash deserve every bit of disdain and resistance they got from their cats. Get a dog! A big stupid slobbering cringing dog! You are evil!

  3. Also washing a cat feels for them like you would put shit on you. Cats are self-cleaning opposite to dogs. Actually washing them could be harmful because cats identify themselves by their scent from their own glands. Really, never wash your cat unless it has some toxis substance in the fur.

  4. Where is CatMan?

  5. “just me” you are an ignorant *******

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