9 thoughts on “Hamsters Caught Stuffing Their Stupid Fat Faces”

  1. Wow! posted by a hamsterphobe! Stupid fat faces? Really?

  2. One can not simply hate hamsters…

  3. sarcasm?

  4. People take their hamsters seriously on their eatliver internet.

  5. Hamsters kind of suck, but I like them more than cats.

  6. Wow, their faces are so fat — but their hands are so tiny — and some of their food is SO BIG!

  7. I guess you never had a hamster that started running in wheel at 1 am in the morning – every morning.

  8. @I hate cat pictures,
    I am going to steal your bones. You have one week. Goodbye

  9. The banana one is just a little too much nono.

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