Crime Is No Laughing Matter, Officer Incompetent

Crime is about as amusing as trying to fit a cow into a Mini Cooper – it just doesn’t work, and someone’s bound to get hurt. Crime is never funny.

I'd like to report an incident. [giggling] Do you know HOO dunnit? I'm glad you think crime is funny, Officer Incompetent.

6 thoughts on “Crime Is No Laughing Matter, Officer Incompetent”

  1. be alarmed. People were shot for less loose tongue.

  2. Nice hooter! Wonder if it’s real…

  3. If women had only one boob then you could say, “Nice Hooter”.

  4. One boob is no fun though. Often it’s cancer. Like Trump.

  5. 6. Average age of posters here.

  6. Ya thanks for bringing our average way down there buddy!

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